Why you see more ads here now.


After giving this a lot of thought, I decided to opt for running additional ads through WordPress’s WordAds program. Here was my article about why I decided to run ads at all.

My primary intent for this blog is NOT to make money. It’s not as if I can make a living at in anyway right now. I also love doing this so much I’d do it for free forever. Hell, I’d PAY to do this! (Hopefully Comcast doesn’t get its way in this whole Net Neutrality fight and turn the whole Internet the way TV has gone, where you’d have to pay Comcast to be able to access your usual websites. That would suck so hard, especially for those of us who are…financially challenged.)

But my dream is to be able to quit my regular job and blog and write for a living. I made $20 last month ($46.85 total from January – March) by running the one big ad that appears under the first article. (I do not get to choose which ads are run or their placement, but I do have the option to remove anything I think is offensive). Because this blog is growing fairly quickly and I have decided to run additional ads, I should start making more money from this now. It probably won’t be enough to enable me to do this for a living right away, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I must confess I don’t care for the look of the additional ads, which now appear above the title of this blog and along the top of the sidebar (for the small ads) and another large one under the second article. I think it makes the blog look a bit tacky and cluttered. I certainly hope it doesn’t make loading this site slower.

Please let me know if you are having any problems with the addition of the extra ads, or if it’s slowing down loading for you. I’m not sure if anything could be done about that if it is a problem, but I would like your feedback anyway.

Again, I apologize for the cluttered look but after giving this a lot of thought, I decided it was worth it if there’s a possibility I could make a living doing this.

Why is it so damn cold outside?


It’s the end of April and it might as well be early March. It’s cold enough I had to turn on the heat and wear a coat when I went out earlier.

I came home and put on my toe socks and burrowed under some blankets because I thought I was going to freeze to death.
Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating, but only a little!

Why did WordPress get rid of the “classic editor”?


I haven’t mentioned it, but for the past few weeks, I no longer seem to have the option to switch to the old WordPress editor. I’ve been forced to use the “beep beep boop” new editor, which I can’t stand. I’m really afraid WP might make the old stats page disappear too, which shows far more information and is easier to use (in my opinion) than the “new and improved” stats page.

Why does WP keep dumbing down the blogging experience, and taking away features that improve that experience for its users? I don’t know one person who prefers the “new and improved” versions of the editor and stats page.

What gives, WordPress?

I also noticed the StumbleUpon share button is no longer available. Why?

Here is my previous rant about these “new and improved” features. Judging by the comments, I’m not alone in my dissatisfaction and disgust.
Here is another one.

ETA: I finally found out what you must do to get to the Classic (old) editor.
Go to WP-Admin page.
Click on Posts–add New.
Too bad there’s no “switch to Classic editor” option anymore.

Apparently WP is dead set on forcing this “beep beep boop” editor on us in spite of an OVERWHELMING number of people disliking it.
Here is a screenshot of the poll asking what editor people preferred. Wow!

Please vote in this poll if you hate the new editor!



Isn’t it just the most horrible feeling when you bite into something and expect to taste one thing, and it turns out to be something different than you expected? The other day I took a bite of a “chocolate chip” cookie and found out too late it was a raisin cookie. It made me want to spit it out. If I KNOW it’s a raisin cookie, it’s not so bad.

If I got a Cadbury chocolate and bit into a grape instead, I think I would gag. Even though I think grapes are delicious. But I’d like to KNOW I’m biting into a grape.

What do you like best (and least) about blogging?

My favorite things about blogging.


1. Formulating a new idea into words.
2. Hitting that Publish button.
3. Finding pictures and graphics to illustrate my articles. (Not as hard as you might think!)
4. Checking my stats (if they’re good).
5. Making new friends who can actually relate to what I write about.
6. The way it’s changing me.
7. Someone telling me a post of mine gave them hope or even inspired them to make changes in their lives.
8. Reading and replying to my comments.

My least favorite things about blogging.


1. Dealing with trolls and bullies (fortunately I haven’t had too many). Sometimes though, even their rants can make good fodder for new blog posts.
2. Proofreading and editing for clarity, correcting spelling and grammar
3. Adding tags and categories to a post.
4. Having a slow day with low stats and few comments.
5. Not having a good new idea. It happens to all of us but it’s still discouraging.
6. Offending people (it’s inevitable though).
7. Fear of making certain posts available to the public. (I eventually do though, and it’s very liberating!)
8. Dealing with spam.

This is a free for all for all bloggers.
What are your favorite and least favorite things about blogging? Please share in the comments.

Serious question.


Sometimes when I remember a time in the distant past when I was remembering something even longer ago, I wonder if I remembered more about it then than I do now. Like, when you’re 14 and remember when you were 4, are your memories of being 4 clearer then than when you remember being 4 in your 50’s? Do we lose the details of our long-term memories as we age? I wonder about that.

Why does it hurt?


I found out something today that isn’t a given, but gives me a lot of hope. It’s a joyful thing if it’s true. It’s something I want so much to happen.

So why does this information make my heart hurt and make me feel like crying?

Is it because I want so badly for it to be true (and it may not be and I might be disappointed), or is it because I’m not used to my heart being so open and my deepest emotions being as accessible to me as they are becoming?

I guess the closest I can come to describing this emotion is feeling deeply touched and hopeful at the same time. I wonder if this weird sadness is unique to me or if others have experienced what I’m talking about. It’s very hard to explain. I don’t know if I’m explaining it well because there really aren’t any words to describe it.

Borderlines, like people with NPD, can’t always access their true emotions easily (even though we don’t wear masks and it’s much easier for us to admit we need help and actually be helped). These wonderful but weirdly sad feelings have been happening a lot lately. Like something bad is melting away. Sometimes it’s a bit scary but I wouldn’t trade it for the emotional zombie I used to be in a million years.

I think what’s happened is I’ve let go of my fear and that’s changing me inside.

Guys, I need some advice.


I need to make a decision.

Have any of you ever written a post you thought was amazing and longed, even ached–to publish it, but didn’t have the courage because you thought for whatever reason that it made you too vulnerable? That it revealed too many truths you wanted to keep private?

I have that problem right now. I just spent several hours working on what I think is my best written post ever, because my whole heart was poured into it while I wrote it. But it’s for that very reason I’m hesitant to let anyone see it. It’s not about anything controversial or shocking or illicit or illegal–I just think it shows me at my most vulnerable and that’s very, very scary.

Posting it for the world to see would be like going naked in public. Right now I’m just (figuratively!) naked in my own house–by keeping that post set to Private.
But I am longing to put it up. I feel like I must put it up even though I’m scared.

Have any of you bloggers ever experienced this, and what did you do about it? How did you resolve your indecision? If you decided to post it anyway, what happened?
What advice can you give me?

Sometimes I think I’m really weird.



I’m just a weird Aspie and that’s okay.

My dead car.


So my transmission just died. It was acting up for almost a year and finally gave out this morning when I tried to go forward and the car went nowhere. The only way I could go was in reverse.

My dilemma: do I throw good money after bad to have it fixed/replaced or get a new car? It’s a tough decision.

I don’t want to be locked into monthly payments which are a huge financial burden on someone with my income, nor do I want to buy someone else’s problem. Forget about buying a new car. I know my car. I know its quirks. I’m thinking that if everything else looks okay, it might be worth getting the transmission rebuilt or replaced. I have almost enough for that right now. I could save up the rest over a few weeks.

My car is a 2001 Ford Taurus sedan (yeah I know, lol) but it has an absolutely fantastic sound system that I don’t want to give up…I know that’s probably not a good reason to try to have it fixed but I really don’t want a new car right now. I like this car and I own it free and clear.

I could be set back $1600 at BEST…I already gave them permission to remove the tranny…that alone sets me back $389. I’d be hesitant to tell them to forget it now, unless they tell me it’s going to cost over $2K.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a place where I didn’t need to drive or have a car. Even when your car’s paid off, they’re more expensive than children–what with all the upkeep, oil changes, gas, repairs, car insurance, registration, etc. They’re a never-ending money drain.

My registration expires this month. So I have that to worry about too. It won’t pass inspection because my check engine light is on again. I go through this every year.