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The truth is scary.

One important lesson I’ve learned as a blogger, is that it’s often the very things I’m most hesitant or afraid to publish that turn out to be my best and most popular posts. I think what often happens, is that … Continue reading

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Being vulnerable requires the courage of 1,000 strong men.

  The above meme pretty much explains the entirety of what this post is about and I could easily leave it at that.   But I am just itching right now to talk about this, because I feel like I … Continue reading

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Listening to Shame — Brene Brown

I have found Brene Brown’s videos incredibly helpful.  Anyone who has struggled with trauma, shame, and fear of vulnerability would do well to watch her videos.    I’ve already posted “The Power of Vulnerability,” and have watched it dozens of … Continue reading

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Since my trip to the Gulf Coast, I’ve been noticing this…shifting inside.  Other people have mentioned that they’ve noticed something in me has changed.  I think something has. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I feel like more … Continue reading

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Why my therapist rocks.

How awesome is my therapist?  Let me count the ways. Actually, I won’t do that.   I’ve already described in many other posts why he totally rocks.   I don’t think I’m idealizing how great he is.  Well, maybe just … Continue reading

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I am a Highly Sensitive Man by Rick Belden

Absolutely fascinating first person account of what it’s like to be a highly sensitive man … in an increasingly insensitive world.

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Hurts so good.

Remember when you were a kid and had a loose tooth, how good it felt to wiggle it with your tongue, even though it bled and hurt like the dickens?  Yet you HAD to keep doing it, because it felt … Continue reading

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Your greatest strength.

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Another brick in the wall…nuked!

How do I even begin? What happened tonight in my therapy session was a little thing, objectively speaking, really a very little thing. But to me it was a huge, HUGE deal, maybe even a breakthrough of some sort. I … Continue reading

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Superman metaphor for personal transformation.

Something I was thinking about…

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