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The little books.

Originally posted on August 30, 2015 I remembered something today. Little by little my mind is pulling up ancient memories from dark and forgotten corners as I move further along in my recovery. This one almost knocked me over. For … Continue reading

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Bugs have terrible boundaries.

I’m hooked on a blog I found a couple of months ago called WaitbutWhy.   It’s a blog for people who like science and geeky stuff and think about the same kinds of weird, random, shower-thought sort of things that … Continue reading

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“Let me be your voice” project – Sleeping with the enemy…

Originally posted on Cyranny's Cove:
As part of my “Let me be your voice” project, once again, I am honored to host the story of a lovely reader who sent me a painful recalling of her past. I wish…

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Being vulnerable requires the courage of 1,000 strong men.

  The above meme pretty much explains the entirety of what this post is about and I could easily leave it at that.   But I am just itching right now to talk about this, because I feel like I … Continue reading

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If Facebook was real life.

I’m sitting in a group therapy session for people with complex PTSD and other problems caused by childhood trauma, telling the group about the chain of events that led to my becoming the family blacksheep.   Tears trickle down my … Continue reading

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Loosening boundaries.

My therapist moved closer to me today, from about 6 feet away to more like 3 feet. I feel like I won the lottery. All week I’ve been obsessing over this and reading everything I can about touch/closeness in therapy … Continue reading

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If you choose to stay with your narcissist…

Lidija Rangelovska (Sam Vaknin’s wife) recently wrote about staying with her narcissistic husband and how she handles him. My view, my principle… People, unconsciously, but more often intentionally, complicate their lives in order to make some sense of their existence … Continue reading

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When your boundaries are being violated.

One of the most pernicious things our narcissists do is violate our boundaries. This can take a number of forms, ranging from physical violations (such as rummaging through your things or physically attacking you) to more subtle mental or emotional … Continue reading

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Respect my boundaries!

My daughter is either a somatic histrionic narcissist (same as my mother) or has borderline personality disorder (BPD) in addition to diagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder. She would be somatic if she’s got NPD because she’s obsessed with clothes and … Continue reading

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