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My verbal processing problems and not getting jokes. .

Today a co-worker told me why people tend to not respect me and why they talk down to me.  I already knew the reasons why, but hearing it from another person, even when it’s not said in a mean or … Continue reading

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Ditziness and complex PTSD, BPD.

“She has no common sense.” “She’s just a dumb blonde.” “She’s kind of ditzy.” “She never seems to know what’s going on.” These are phrases I’ve heard said about me my entire life, and not just by my abusers. To … Continue reading

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Is social awkwardness suddenly cool?

It seems to me that Millennials like to tell everyone how socially awkward they are, even when it doesn’t really apply. I don’t think it’s false modesty and I don’t think a majority of this younger generation has Aspergers, Avoidant … Continue reading

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What does covert narcissism feel like?

This was a comment in another post but I wanted it to be a blog post because I think it’s a good nutshell explanation of what covert NPD actually FEELS like, filtered through self-awareness: I feel like…”everyone’s better than me … Continue reading

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Comparing covert narcissism and BPD

I read an excellent article (thank to Natasha!) last night about covert narcissism, which is not currently recognized by the DSM, although it’s been considered as a provisional diagnosis. Covert (vulnerable) narcissists are essentially low-functioning narcissists who present a shy, … Continue reading

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Raw nerve.

Over the past few days I have been extremely anxious, even panicky. I can’t focus enough to write anything or do much of anything else either. I really have no idea why or what might have triggered it. Last night … Continue reading

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WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY BE TRIGGERING. I spent the first 13 years of my life almost constantly crying. I was a perpetually squalling cranky baby, a screaming tantrum-throwing toddler, a tearful preschooler, and a school child prone to attacks of … Continue reading

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The chilling mental landscape of a high spectrum narcissist or psychopath

I read this chilling post from a man who says he is a narcissist. Based on his description of what it’s like to be him, I would say “narcissist” is probably an understatement. My guess is he’s a very malignant … Continue reading

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Two new header tabs!

Because I write so much about my Aspergers, I realized it would be easier for my readers to find related articles if I made a kind of “Table of Contents” listing the relevant posts. I decided to do the same … Continue reading

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What’s up with this crazy idea that narcissism and Aspergers are the same thing?

As a person with Aspergers who has been a victim of narcissists all my life, the difference seems pretty clear to me, but to some people, including mental health professionals, high-functioning autism (Aspergers) and narcissism are seen as the same … Continue reading

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