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Narcissistic abuse in Trumpistan.

Much has been written about Trump’s toxic psychology, specifically his malignant narcissism.  In spite of The Goldwater Rule (an agreement between mental health professionals to never diagnose someone they have not evaluated), so egregious is 45’s bad behavior that thousands … Continue reading

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Something new I’ve noticed about narcissists.

I received an email today from a reader asking me if narcissists have preferences — that is, do they really have opinions of their own?  An example was used of a man who said he likes a certain TV show, … Continue reading

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Is narcissism really a form of possession?

I usually avoid topics like this, because of their obvious religious implications.   I try to avoid getting too religious on this blog, but I must write about it because I’ve been thinking about this topic all day and I … Continue reading

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This graphic I made shows that BPD and NPD are really the same disorder.    Both have their roots in childhood trauma and fear of abandonment, even though the symptoms may not be evident until later childhood or adolescence.    The … Continue reading

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HSPs and empaths, take heed! You cannot heal a narcissist!

In my readings and observations of people in the narc-abuse community, I’ve become aware that Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), empaths in particular, are highly attracted to narcissists. The reverse is also true–narcissists see an empath and smell blood.  As an … Continue reading

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Superman metaphor for personal transformation.

Originally posted on Down the Rabbit Hole:
On my other blog, Lucky Otter’s Haven, I used a Superman meme showing Christopher Reeve as “Superman” from the movie — his red cape flowing in the wind as he looked over the…

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Do borderlines have a “false self”?

One of the takeaways I got from my therapy session tonight, was that as someone with BPD, I do have a false self, but it’s not the same kind of false self a person with NPD has. Actually, almost everyone … Continue reading

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The case of the missing purse: a dream.

Sometimes I feel this crazy. I just had an especially vivid and detailed dream and posted it over at Psychforums immediately on waking so I didn’t lose the details and “feel” of the dream. I asked people to try to … Continue reading

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Why does a narcissist need a false self?

On one of Sam Vaknin’s discussion pages, someone asked a very good question: Why does the narcissist conjure up another Self? Why not simply transform his True Self into a False one? I’ve wondered about this too. Here’s Sam’s explanation, … Continue reading

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Is NPD really a dissociative disorder?

I think there’s good reason to think NPD (and to some extent, BPD) is really a dissociative disorder. Think about it. There is a true self and a false self that are split from each other, much the way a … Continue reading

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