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Update about my son’s mental health ordeal.

This is just a quick update about my son, who started suffering severe panic attacks/dissociation episodes and a week later, from near-suicidal depression. He is doing much better.   It turned out the medication the Emergency Room gave him to control … Continue reading

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Linda Lee, who writes “A Blog About Healing from PTSD”  wrote this article about how she learned to deal with her panic attacks — and the advice is quite simple. GET ANGRY!  Yes, get angry.   While anger isn’t an ideal … Continue reading

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Panic attacks, dissociation, and my son’s anxiety issues.

Geometries by M.C. Escher   My son, who already suffers from OCD and ADHD (both diagnosed) tweeted this the other night: I just had one of the strangest things happen… and it was the scariest experience of my life. I … Continue reading

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My worst nightmare.

I’m a natural worrywart.   A few days ago, when Irma was still out in the middle of the Atlantic and Harvey was still the #1 topic, I wrote a post about being worried that Irma might hit my son, … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m about to snap.

I’m not handing all the bad news well today, especially now that I have to worry about a major hurricane possibly hitting where my son lives next weekend.   All my C-PTSD and BPD symptom are triggered — dissociation, hypervigilance, … Continue reading

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Free-floating anxiety.

I’m a nervous wreck today.  I didn’t go to work because of my nerves, and even though I always spend the whole day feeling guilty about staying out of work,  I keep doing it anyway.   I tried to sleep in, … Continue reading

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Last night’s anxiety dream.

I don’t have that many anxiety dreams anymore, but when I do have them they are doozies and tend to be extremely vivid. The one I had last night bordered on being a nightmare.    It was nighttime (for some … Continue reading

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Your fear is trying to tell you something.

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The Truth about Depression and Anxiety.

Credit: @TheWeirdWorld on Twitter

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Observing your feelings.

When you hear the term mindfulness, what that means is to quietly observe your own emotions, not judging or denying them, but just accepting that they exist.     This includes observing the way an emotion makes you feel physically … Continue reading

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