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I feel like I’m about to snap.

I’m not handing all the bad news well today, especially now that I have to worry about a major hurricane possibly hitting where my son lives next weekend.   All my C-PTSD and BPD symptom are triggered — dissociation, hypervigilance, … Continue reading

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Why I’m no longer going to troll-tweet Donald Trump.

Since Donald Trump won the election, one of my favorite pastimes has been trolling him on his favorite social media platform, Twitter.    It’s a lot of fun dreaming up snappy and sarcastic counter-insults to his constant stream of inappropriate, … Continue reading

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My Twitter debate with a Trump supporter.

I had an interesting evening on Twitter last night.  I’d tweeted to Bernie Sanders about something he had said about single payer healthcare, and soon got into it with a Trump supporter, who seemed belligerent at first.  It started off … Continue reading

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Email and me.

This isn’t really my philosophy, but I just liked the cartoon. I have a terrible problem.   I am absolutely awful when it come to responding to emails.  I procrastinate forever.  So far this week, THREE people thought I was ignoring … Continue reading

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Why I love Twitter.

It wasn’t love at first sight. When Twitter first came out, I didn’t get it.    I hated having to edit my thoughts down to 140 characters.   It seemed stupid and pointless to me.   As an INFJ who … Continue reading

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Blogging 101: you don’t need to pay for SEO

If you’re like me and want to increase your visibility on the web, you might be tempted to take advantage of those email ads promising instant visibility for a fee: search engine optimization. If you’re not familiar with the term, … Continue reading

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12 ways for for non-lazy bloggers to get more hits.

There are many casual bloggers who only blog for themselves or their friends. They don’t care about views, hits or visibility, and have never looked at their stats page, and that is perfectly okay. Casual bloggers can write one blog … Continue reading

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Update on my “Courtney Love, murderous psychopath” manifesto.

I wrote “Courtney Love, Murderous Psychopath” the other night on a whim after a conversation, and really didn’t think it would gain much notice or be that interesting to people anymore. But apparently I was wrong. Not only am I … Continue reading

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I love my lurkers!

Butchcountry67 gave me an idea for a new post tonight. (By the way, his blog about living on the Canadian prairie with his young son is wonderful, so please follow him.) In my earlier post, “What Do You Like Best … Continue reading

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The dumbing down of the Internet

Even Bart Simpson knows what’s going on. Up until 9/11 and its aftermath, and especially since the twin-monster births of Facebook and Twitter (and their older retarded brother MySpace), the Internet was like being set loose in New York City … Continue reading

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