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10 things that terrify me about Trump’s America.

I realize my last couple of posts have been dark and depressing, but there’s no sugarcoating the fact that what Trump is doing to Americans is abuse. I began this blog three years ago as a way to talk about … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m about to snap.

I’m not handing all the bad news well today, especially now that I have to worry about a major hurricane possibly hitting where my son lives next weekend.   All my C-PTSD and BPD symptom are triggered — dissociation, hypervigilance, … Continue reading

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Some days I feel like everything’s hopeless.

Some days it seems like they are winning.    Now we even have State TV.    The reason we had regulations were to keep something like that from happening.    I feel like a character in Orwell’s 1984 and we … Continue reading

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Free-floating anxiety.

I’m a nervous wreck today.  I didn’t go to work because of my nerves, and even though I always spend the whole day feeling guilty about staying out of work,  I keep doing it anyway.   I tried to sleep in, … Continue reading

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Email From My Mother

I’m reblogging Sleeping Tiger’s post because I could have written it.   I can relate to every word.  I used to think I was alone in going through these emotional gymnastics over something as innocuous as an email from my … Continue reading

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Always waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I think I made a kind of breakthrough in my therapy session tonight. For years one of my problems has been this overwhelming fear that something bad will happen to one of my kids.…

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Emotional Literacy as a Gateway for Healing C-PTSD (Richard Grannon)

Another great video to help sufferers of C-PTSD heal from Richard Grannon (SpartanLifeCoach).

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“Why Therapy is Not Working” (Ryan Liberty)

I love this guy and his videos.  He has a fun, upbeat style.  Follow his channel on Youtube. You can also follow his Emotional Trauma Support Group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ryanalysis This is helpful to me right now.  Not that therapy … Continue reading

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Looking for a Scapegoat (comments allowed)

Originally posted on A Blog About Healing From PTSD:
I am not doing well. In fact, emotionally speaking, this is the worst I have been in a long time. It’s embarrassing…. humiliating…. and humbling to admit this.  I thought  I…

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To my Mom’s “Credit”

Originally posted on Justbreathe826:
As I have been visited by memories that I would have preferred to have had kept buried deep in my soul or in Jamie’s coffin, but that I need to work through as part of my…

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