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To everything there is a season…

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
There seem to be three different kinds of people in the world. Those who are fake-positive, always wearing a plastered on smile and never admitting to failure or to their true emotions; those who…

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What 2017 has taught me.

I feel like a victim again.   I was doing pretty well emotionally until this year.  Since I left my ex in 2014 and started blogging, slowly I began to feel freer and lighter emotionally.   I felt like I was finally … Continue reading

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The real reason why my attitude toward narcissism changed.

Originally posted on Down the Rabbit Hole:
A few weeks ago, I posted a somewhat negative article about Sam Vaknin that pretty much blamed him for turning NPD into something resembling demonic possession because of his own self-hatred and hatred…

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Suffering can create maturity in survivors

There are a few people in this world that astound me with their ability to find the silver lining behind every black cloud and these are the people who always inspire me to do better. Katie is one of them. … Continue reading

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Keeping it all in perspective.

Tonight I needed to step away from blogging and take care of practical matters. If you’re a person prone to an active imagination or lives inside your head (like most Aspies), emotional and spiritual growth can be tricky because it … Continue reading

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Do narcissists have a spiritual purpose we can’t understand?

This fascinating topic was raised in the comments section under The Man You Love to Hate…or Hate to Love. The implications raised here are bound to be controversial to some, but I think Joan and CheriSunday may be onto something. … Continue reading

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