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God answers prayers.

After posting my article about my fear of death yesterday and praying a lot about it, I came across a wonderful website called “Jesus Without Baggage.” I’ve never seen another site like it and I’ve been on it now since … Continue reading

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A close call.

My son took this photo while waiting for the tow truck. Look at the wheel. Earlier today, my son called me. He told me that while crawling along in slow moving traffic, his car suddenly wouldn’t steer properly. He heard … Continue reading

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Why I love liturgy.

Back in April, during the Easter Vigil mass, I became a Roman Catholic. This came as a surprise to many people I know, since I’d spent most of my life as an agnostic and at times veered close to atheism. … Continue reading

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I missed church this morning, but…

…sleeping in can be a kind of prayer too. A good sleep is a God-given gift that refreshes body, mind and soul, and sometimes gives you access to deeper awareness of yourself and your relationships. So I’m sleeping in and … Continue reading

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Spiritual crisis.

I’ve always hesitated about getting too religious on this blog, since people of many different faiths (or none at all) come here and I don’t want to alienate non-Christians or atheists. But there’s no possible way to write what I’m … Continue reading

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Patience, faith, and auto repairs.

Patience isn’t one of my virtues and I often doubt my faith due to my trust issues. I need more of both, but I had just enough to get through my crisis. God proves to me over and over again … Continue reading

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Processing my trip down the rabbit hole.

I’m so glad I talked about it. Everyone has been great. There have been no negative comments and hardly any unfollows, which surprised me. I’ve had a few comments like these though: “You can’t be a narc, you’re too self … Continue reading

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A happy ending to my DMV ordeal.

I need an antidote for last night’s list 23 Things I Hate About My Life, so I think this might do the job. Today was a good day. The first thing that happened was I didn’t have to walk the … Continue reading

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Little gifts on a crappy day.

Latest additions to my rock and geode collection. Life can be surprising. On the whole, today has been a crappy day, but there’s always something to make a bad day more tolerable, if you just pay attention. God doesn’t forget … Continue reading

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So I’m going to see “Inside Out” and it’s pure serendipity.

I decided I spend enough time every weekend holed up in my small dark house blogging like a maniac like some sort of avoidant Aspie hermit (which I kind of am!) Suddenly the idea came to me that I wanted–needed–to … Continue reading

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