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Earth Day 2017 — March for Science

In these days of dangerous lies called alternative facts and facts touted by our leaders as fake news,  the celebration of Earth Day has never seemed more important.  All over the nation today, people in cities big and small gathered … Continue reading

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Pictures: 4/8/17

Seagulls all facing the sunset.  You should have heard the din they made!   I haven’t had time to write much, so I’ll just share the photos I took yesterday and caption them.   We had a wonderful day.  It … Continue reading

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Rally for ACA (Obamacare), Asheville, NC

This event, which was really an outdoor Town Hall meeting, focused on the right to affordable or better yet, single payer healthcare and the importance of not repealing Obamacare, since the ACA was an important step in that direction — … Continue reading

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Sunrise: 1/12/17

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Early winter sunrise.

This is what greeted me this morning on my way to work!  Life can’t be all bad! Soon I will start feeling better and get some relief from my severe SAD.   The winter solstice was two days ago (or … Continue reading

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Autumn’s last gasp: day trip on the Parkway.

Looking up toward Craggy Dome, 6105 ft. Down here in the southern Appalachians, the trees still have some color (a few are even still mostly green!)  I’m also happy to say that once October came, the trees seemed to be … Continue reading

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Mountaintop view.

I was working in a home today that sits on top of a mountain.     This is the view from their porch.   Although fall isn’t my favorite time of year (and I would never want to live on top … Continue reading

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Blood moon.

A little while ago, I went out to the store and while I was driving, I saw the moon rising and it was full and quite orange! I think this type of moon is called a “blood moon” or maybe … Continue reading

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BabyCat settling back in.

B-Cat’s (her “homegirl” name) is adjusting well and Cleo and Sheldon even remember her, and there don’t seem to be any problems so far.    Here she is lounging around like a slugabed today. “Time is always melting, but why … Continue reading

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Sunset after the storms.

This is what the sunset looked like last night over Asheville, NC after the storms rolled through.   The photo does NOT do it justice.

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