Spring is here!

This beautiful tree graces my backyard.   I love this time of year!



Happy Easter 2018!

Happy Halloween!

Instead of the usual pumpkins, witches, or ghosts,  how about something unique and beautiful for Halloween: black roses!

Black roses are extremely rare and grow only in Halfeti, Turkey.  They aren’t actually black, but a very dark purple that looks black unless you look closely.  Here are some black roses for you to enjoy, and yes, these are real.  (I did not take the photos).




Photo credit: N/A



Daylilies growing in my garden.  Photos were taken just before sunset.





Outside my bedroom window.



Morning glories.

My garden is starting to look pretty scraggly (as it always does at this point in the summer), but it’s redeemed a little by the morning glories, which are finally beginning to bloom.   I love the color–bright indigo with pinkish accents.

Due to the dry spring we had, the vine isn’t as bushy or the flowers as abundant as they have been in past summers, but it still looks really pretty.   The dead rhododendron that sits in my garden makes a great support for the vine.  Hopefully in another month or so it will be completely covered.   The daily thunderstorms we’ve been getting should help it along.

Seeing these flowers first thing every morning always makes my load feel a little bit lighter.

morningglory1 morningglory2

The Progression of Autumn: September 13

There haven’t been too many changes yet, but it’s definitely looking less like summer, with the first day of fall only a week from now. Today felt very fall-like, with temperatures only in the 60s.

It’s hard to see here, but these trees are showing yellow now.

It definitely looks like autumn here.

My roses are still hanging in there. 🙂

My tuxedo cat, Sheldon, enjoying the cooler temperatures. I know the garden looks like crap. I got lazy and let it go.

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I think I’m about to hear some very good news!

My daughter wants me to come over today because she and her boyfriend say they have some important news. They want her father (my ex) there too.
They are obviously very much in love, going by their almost sickeningly adorable Facebook entries about each other, LOL!

Of course I immediately wanted to know if she was pregnant. She isn’t. That’s a relief!
I think I know what it’s going to be.

She has changed so much this past year, just as I have. She is so much more mature than she used to be and is finally making some good choices. She’s also talking seriously about going to college. I think this time she means it.

This isn’t related really, but these are some late summer flowers I took pictures of at church this morning.

red_flowers1 red_flowers2

Wild carrots.

There’s always something by the the side of the road worthy of a photograph. Even weeds like these can be beautiful. Click photos for more detail.





Explosions of bright orange like mini-fireworks along the side of every road!
Click on the photos for closer detail.