Morning glories.

My garden is starting to look pretty scraggly (as it always does at this point in the summer), but it’s redeemed a little by the morning glories, which are finally beginning to bloom.   I love the color–bright indigo with pinkish accents.

Due to the dry spring we had, the vine isn’t as bushy or the flowers as abundant as they have been in past summers, but it still looks really pretty.   The dead rhododendron that sits in my garden makes a great support for the vine.  Hopefully in another month or so it will be completely covered.   The daily thunderstorms we’ve been getting should help it along.

Seeing these flowers first thing every morning always makes my load feel a little bit lighter.

morningglory1 morningglory2

14 thoughts on “Morning glories.

  1. I fell in love with Morning Glories after reading Morning Glory
    by LaVyrle Spencer. I had them growing around my porch. I loved how they would vine up the lattice.


  2. The ones you have are so healthy and pretty looking. I’m happy to learn what a morning glory is. I love your blog. What we talk about best, Narcissism, plus a little bit of everything else!

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    • I like to post about many different things. Also, sometimes I need to take a break from such a deadly serious and dark subject as narcissism and cluster B disorders in general.


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