Daylilies growing in my garden.  Photos were taken just before sunset.





Look who just moved into my garden.

Even though I’m Christian (Catholic), I always liked Buddhism and I have a small collection of Buddhas around my house, kept for decorative purposes.  They also remind me to stay mindful.  I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with or that it’s sinful.  I appreciate many religions.   I have a tiny laughing Buddha made of ivory that seems to keep one particular houseplant healthy (I wrote about that in this post), and today in the mail I received an awesome  blue glazed concrete Garden Buddha. He’s about 12 inches tall.


I found the perfect spot for him under a rosebush, and he looks very much at home there  keeping company  with my St. Francis of Assisi garden figure (St. Francis is my favorite saint because of his love for animals).   Unfortunately, he lost his left hand sometime during the winter, when a pane of glass fell out of an upstairs window and shattered on top of him, slicing off his hand.  His head had a gash in it too, but I was able to repair it using some mortar.   I can’t re-attach the hand.  Oh well.

They all look like they’re having a meeting.

Now I just need to get the garden cleaned up and some flowers planted and I’ll be all set!

The very large dragonfly you see in the photos is not real.   There are three of them in my garden.