Spring is here!

This beautiful tree graces my backyard.   I love this time of year!



Spring in the mountains.

These three gorgeous pictures capture the Blue Ridge in April.   These photos were taken from about 3,000 feet.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get the flowering dogwoods or many other flowering trees (most have turned green by now).




Three signs of spring.


I saw some of these today.

Spring is my favorite season.   You know why, if you read this blog.  The best thing about it (besides the end of the cold weather and short days) is it spells the end of my yearly bout of SAD.

Of course, Easter candy appearing in stores (sometimes as early as before Valentines Day!) definitely hints that spring is on its way.   There’s also the days growing longer.

But today I saw the first real signs of spring.  In spite of the nasty weather we’ve been having,  I saw bright yellow daffodils growing in the garden of a neighboring house.   I looked at my own messy garden, full of dead vegetation from last year that was never cleared.  Poking up through the debris were the bright green shoots of my daylilies.    I was surprised because it’s been so cold, but I guess not cold enough to keep them from sprouting.   The longer days might have also woken up the bulbs.

If you look closely at the trees around here, many of them have a reddish tint and swollen looking tips, which means the buds are getting ready to open.

Last night we had a thunderstorm.  Although winter thunderstorms in this part of the country  aren’t infrequent, they almost always appear toward the end of winter, and increase throughout the spring into summer.   So that’s a the third sign of spring.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is having to mow the lawn again.  Ugh.

Happy Easter 2018!

Flowering trees.

We had a cold snap here over the weekend (and a little snow too) and I was afraid it would kill the blooms on the trees, but I guess it wasn’t cold enough because they still look great.   Here’s a couple of pictures from today.




I love spring!

It does wonders for my mood.



Spring is here! (well, almost)

It’s a few hours early, but…my favorite season is about to start.



In spite of the continuing cold weather and all-around gloom of winter, I saw a welcome sight today–a cherry tree just beginning to show its pink blooms. Unfortunately I was driving when I saw it and couldn’t pull over so I couldn’t get a picture. I did find a picture of what it looks like though (the blooms on the tree I saw aren’t this full).


Who’s ready for Spring? I sure am.
This weekend is supposed to be beautiful–sunny and up around 70 degrees.

Signs that spring is near.


I don’t like extreme anything, and that means extreme weather.   I’m a fall and spring person.  Wait, let me correct that.  I would be a fall person were it not for the shortening days (I have Seasonal Affective Disorder), but I do like fall weather.

As for extreme weather, this has been a strange, X-treme winter so far.   We had a 70+ degree Christmas.  I actually sat outside wearing a tank top and flip flops.   About a week later the temperature dropped to the single digits and my pipes almost froze again.  Finally,  almost 2 weeks ago,  we had the biggest snowstorm we’ve had since 1996.  I was housebound for almost 5 days.  I’m ready for winter to make like a tree and leave already. I’m ready for spring!

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed that prove spring is just around the corner.

  1.  The days are growing noticeably longer.
  2.  My mood is improving because of the lengthening days.
  3.  The stores are carrying Easter merchandise.(but they’ve been carrying it since the day after Christmas, lol)
  4.  Lent begins this month.
  5.  I just got a catalogue in the mail that says “Spring edition.”
  6. The Lowe’s in my neighborhood is starting to stock its Garden center.

The groundhog did see his shadow, but that still means only six more weeks to go!

Can you add your own?

The best of fall and spring.

Here’s a collection of my favorite photos from each week I did this series.


March 8th:

March 15th:

March 22nd:

March 29th:

April 5th:

April 12th:

April 20th:

April 25th:

May 3rd:


September 7th:

September 13th:

September 20th:

September 27th:

October 7th:

October 17th:

October 24th:

November 5th: