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A swamp in the Blue Ridge Mountains? Who knew?

The swamp covered in water lilies.  They don’t appear to be in full bloom.  Photo: John Boyle/jboyle@citizen-times.com)   Yesterday as I was driving east along US Highway 70 headed toward Black Mountain, I passed an unusual sight:  to the immediate left … Continue reading

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Sunday drive to Mount Mitchell.

I had to get out of the house yesterday and clear my head.  I’ve been very upset about the situation with the children at the border. Nature usually calms my soul and centers me, so in spite of the iffy, … Continue reading

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Friday evening drive into the mountains.

I was bored and needed to clear my head, so I headed into the mountains again.  I took the same route I took on Memorial Day.   It was later in the day though, so there was this wonderful late … Continue reading

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Dogwoods in bloom.

I snapped these photos of a flowering dogwood near my home today. Dogwoods–actually a shrub, not a tree–are a common sight in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains and are so well known their beautiful four-petaled white blooms are the … Continue reading

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These photos are not color enhanced!

I was out in Leicester, NC today and suddenly saw this huge field with grass so bright I thought someone slipped LSD into my water bottle. Or that I’d somehow been transported to western Ireland. I have never seen grass … Continue reading

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Snow and sky.

I took some photos around Asheville, North Carolina yesterday and today. Yesterday’s photos are the sunny ones. Today’s are the ones with the trippy looking sky. It’s warmed up quite a bit, with temperatures above freezing for the first time … Continue reading

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