I love it here.

I never get tired of the scenery here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. During lockdown, I keep myself busy with long car rides where I don’t get out of the car, and just feast my eyes on the scenery.  I took this just outside Chimney Rock, NC today. 
I have to return to work next week.  Boo.   I think it’s too early.

6 thoughts on “I love it here.

    • I wish! I found out I have to go back next week. I’m not ready and I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I don’t really have a choice.


  1. We don’t exactly have that kind of beautiful grandeur in Iowa. Even so, when I take jogs out in the countryside, there is a peacefulness to the rolling landscape, farmland mixed with groves of trees and streams running through it all.

    Not grandeur but bucolic and pastoral. I like the lush greenery of Iowa. But it would be nice to have nearby access to more mountainous scenery of somewhere like NC or simply the limestone cragginess of Kentuckiana.

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