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Anxiety spiraling into major depression?

Last week I wrote about my son’s dissociation episodes and panic attacks.   He got some anti-anxiety medication there, but they put him to sleep so they haven’t been useful to him, and the panic has not gone away.  He’s been … Continue reading

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Guest Post (by Anonymous): Thoughts About Suicide and Selfishness.

The following is a guest post from another blogger who kindly asked me if I would post this.  She is hesitant to link to her blog here, since her blog tends to focus on much lighter content, but still wanted … Continue reading

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PTSD & the Blindness of the Just Man

Originally posted on Unraveled and the Birth of Joy:
Love will find a way where wolves fear to thread. – Lord Byron ? Recently I took part in a research study regarding OIF and OEF veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder,…

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Mental Illness and Lethal Medical Neglect

Originally posted on Art by Rob Goldstein:
Life in the Age of Aquarius I saw my first homeless person with mental illness in the spring of 1982 in Honolulu. I worked at the psychiatric unit on which the homeless man…

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Beauty from Broken Pieces

Originally posted on Untangled:
I don’t hide in the shadows any longer. It was a conscious decision, although at the time I didn’t really know what that meant. My memoir was published a year ago. I went from no one knowing…

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Depression is happiness.

I’m so depressed I had to call in sick at work and set up an emergency therapy session this afternoon.  I couldn’t sleep last night at all.   I’m crying almost all the time.    This is more than just … Continue reading

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Guest Post #12: The Journey Inspired (Coping with Depression with Severe Fatigue)

Amanda, from the blog Mandibelle16, is a frequent commenter on this blog. Her own blog features her poetry and creative writings as well as articles about mental illness and her walk with depression. Amanda has suffered from Depression with severe … Continue reading

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Guest Post #7: How hypersexuality plays a role in Bipolar disorder

I’m honored to introduce my 7th guest blogger, Jess Melancholia from The Bipolar Compass, a blog about her experiences living with the manic-depressive form of Bipolar Disorder. In her post, she will be discussing how hypersexuality can be a symptom … Continue reading

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Guest post #4: You Are Empowered (Just Plain Ol’ Vic)

I’m happy to introduce my 4th guest blogger, Just Plain Ol’ Vic.  Vic’s blog is one of my favorites.  I’ve been following it almost from the very beginning of my blogging journey and have found it always inspiring and thoughtful. … Continue reading

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BPD: The fulcrum of mental illness.

It’s like a spinning black vortex sucking in the symptoms of every other mental illness and disorder. We’ve got all the bases covered!  We’re batsh*t crazy!  We need help and understanding, not judgment and fear.

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