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What am I running from?

I haven’t posted anything about my therapy on this blog for a long time.   The truth is that lately I’ve been losing interest in my therapy and haven’t even been wanting to go.   Since my sessions are never … Continue reading

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“The Most Narcissistic Schoolteacher Ever” (by Lenora Thompson)

Lenora Thompson writes about narcissism for PsychCentral.  This article about her narcissistic third-grade teacher stood out to me,  not only because it is an entertaining (and of course, heartbreaking) read, but also because not much has been written about narcissistic … Continue reading

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The childhood origins of narcissism.

This is a very informative video explaining how narcissism develops during childhood.

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Do narcissists ever cry? (article from The Narcissistic Life)

I believe I wrote an article a while back with the same title (my conclusion — yes, they do)  but this article is better and I like the way it doesn’t stigmatize narcissistic tears or the reasons why they cry … Continue reading

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To my Mom’s “Credit”

Originally posted on Justbreathe826:
As I have been visited by memories that I would have preferred to have had kept buried deep in my soul or in Jamie’s coffin, but that I need to work through as part of my…

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This graphic I made shows that BPD and NPD are really the same disorder.    Both have their roots in childhood trauma and fear of abandonment, even though the symptoms may not be evident until later childhood or adolescence.    The … Continue reading

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Don’t judge.

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Envy is my worst character trait.

Envy, by Marta Dahlig, Deviantart I’m about to write a painful, bitter post. It’s about something brings me a great deal of shame, so much shame I hesitated writing about it at all. It’s about what’s probably my very worst … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Down the Rabbit Hole:
Credit: School of Counseling I’m regressing. It’s probably paradoxical, because psychological regression often comes before a breakthrough to more emotional freedom. As I prepare to dive into the dark abyss that lies in…

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Diving into the Inferno.

Originally posted on Down the Rabbit Hole:
Credit: wallpaperswa.com I had a productive emergency therapy session today. My therapist was kind enough to rearrange his schedule to see me today, due to all my BPD/C-PTSD symptoms being re-triggered because of…

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