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3 questions to ask yourself if you raised kids in a dysfunctional home.

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Nobody’s perfect, and that goes for parents too.  There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. There’s something called a “good enough” parent though, which means that you are going to make mistakes raising…

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When people tell you to respect your family…

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What I Know About Autism And NPD Families And You Should Too by Rick London

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This blog story is not only a follow-up for those interested in the horrors of the NPD and/or malignant narcissist family and hiding away the “different” child in an attic or entire floor alone”,…

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The golden child and scapegoat in the Trump family.

Because I am fascinated with child roles in narcissistic families, this video was interesting to me.    I’ve suspected for awhile that Tiffany (the daughter of Trump and Marla Maples, his only American-born wife) is the scapegoat among Trump’s children.  He never … Continue reading

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My kids escaped cluster B hell.

I’ve lived a harder life than most people.   All my life, I’ve been surrounded by Cluster B people and many of them had substance abuse issues too (alcoholism and drug addiction are closely correlated with Cluster B personality disorders). … Continue reading

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“I have no childhood memories because my N-mom threw out my ‘garbage’.”

Recently I read that looking at photos of our childhoods can help us heal.   It can hurt to see how lost we looked or watch the real body language of yourself and other family members in reaction to you, … Continue reading

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The rich? They really are different. . .

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“The rich are different from you and me,” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The Rich Boy,” [Thanks, Postman]  and now science is proving he was right. Keri Chiodo of the Association for Psychological…

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Family estrangement.

Wikipedia has a good, in depth article about the sad phenomenon of family estrangement, which is related to shunning or ostracism.  Family members who have been estranged (ostracized or scapegoated) are likely to develop PTSD and have dismally low self-esteem. … Continue reading

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The day you realize it never was you.

“First you start to feel like maybe there never was anything wrong with you.  That perhaps the people you called family were just horrible human beings that foisted their nefarious motives on you.  They lied about you, about your worthlessness … Continue reading

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My nostalgia obsession: standing in for my lost past.

I’m a nostalgia junkie.  I’m nostalgic about the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  I can’t decide what my favorite decade of those four is.  They were all pretty awesome in their own ways.   Hell, I think I’m even beginning … Continue reading

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