The golden child and scapegoat in the Trump family.

Because I am fascinated with child roles in narcissistic families, this video was interesting to me.    I’ve suspected for awhile that Tiffany (the daughter of Trump and Marla Maples, his only American-born wife) is the scapegoat among Trump’s children.  He never talks about her, seems distant from her, and doesn’t seem to idealize her the way he does his other children, particularly Ivanka, who is obviously the golden child.

This video explains more.   Trump admits himself that physical appearance is extremely important to him, and he’s disappointed in Tiffany’s appearance.   Tiffany also isn’t a successful businessperson like the rest of his adult children.  She tried to make it as a singer instead, but things didn’t go well for her and she didn’t get a recording contract.

What I find extremely disturbing is the way he sexualizes his daughters.   In this video, Trump is shown being interviewed about the infant Tiffany, and he talks about her legs in a suggestive way, and later jokes about her “inner beauty” not being as important as what’s on the outside.    Even Tiffany’s siblings admit that Ivanka is obviously Trump’s favorite child.      I don’t think that’s news to anyone, but could Tiffany actually be the scapegoat?   Most families like this have one.   I think she could be it.

Ironically, of all the children, Tiffany seems the most normal acting, humble, and well adjusted. She looks and speaks like a down to earth girl who just got out of college. So, even though she may be Donald’s scapegoat or at least his least favorite child, Tiffany wasn’t raised by him, like the others. She was raised by her mother instead, so she probably wasn’t exposed to Donald’s malignant narcissism as much as the others were. So she’s probably the most emotionally healthy.



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  1. I think you’re on target. believe (for certain) Tiffany was/is the Scapegoat of that marriage, but another one is “in the making”. She was never thrown alone into a top floor with a computer. Barron is. Though I would never diagnose Barron as Autistic, I know I am, and recognize so many traits (from the chronic blinking, yawning, stemming, etc).

    What’s worse, there is no worse torture than leaving a child alone on an entire top floor of a building no matter how lovely the accouterments. It is considered torture by the Geneva Convention (even to grown trained soldiers/prisoners of war); that kind of isolation makes waterboarding seem like child’s play. “Soul Death” generally occurs within 3-5 years of that kind of isolation.

    Then we have Daddy yelling “It’s the doctors and those vaccines” (Code phrase for “Don’t make me take care of this mess, it’s your fault” etc etc. Yes I see clearly an IP – Identified Patient being molded alone in the attic; yes even with Mommy checking on him occasionally. Ref: Melania Trump interview in Parenting Magazine last month.

    I am not sure when Donald is dumping Melania (who will take the son), but my guess will be quite soon. I am not sure if she is being scapegoated, is a gaslighting flying monkey, or both.

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    • Ironically, of all the children, Tiffany seems the most normal acting, humble, and well adjusted. She looks and speaks like a down to earth girl who just got out of college. So, even though she may be Donald’s scapegoat or at least his least favorite child, Tiffany wasn’t raised by him, like the others. She was raised by her mother instead, so she probably wasn’t exposed to Donald’s malignant narcissism as much as the others were. So she’s probably the most emotionally healthy.

      I can’t say if Barron is autistic, but I keep hearing he may be. I agree with you, that’s got to be really unhealthy for him, at just 10 years old, to have an entire floor of the Trump tower to himself. A child that age should never be that isolated. It is cruel. I also get the feeling he may be the next scapegoat if he isn’t already because he’s so isolated and Melania seems protective of him, as if she’s trying to protect him from the father. I don’t know, I just get that feeling, from watching all of them. I think she does love her son, but is at a loss because both of them are under his control. If he is autistic, of course he would blame Melania and scapegoat his son, since that means he’s less than “perfect”, and Trump can’t stand any imperfections in his children.

      Did you hear they are getting divorced? I haven’t heard that, but I can’t see their marriage lasting. It looks to me like Melania is the scapegoat and he probably uses Ivanka and the two sons as flying monkeys against her. There’s also something really creepily sexual about his relationship with Ivanka.

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      • The scapegoat, if he/she lives, turns out to be the only normal one. Golden Children inherit, most often, the entire NPD narcissistic realm. Scapegoats get (usually) PTSD or cPTSD and all that comes with that, and if they get good therapy, they shine as “the real thing”. The others stay screwed up forever. My guess is Barron will escape, get help, and be the sane one. Autism is nothing of which to be ashamed.

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        • I agree with all of this. I hope Barron can escape and get some therapy (or treatment for autism, if that is what he has). I hope Melania leaves her husband, and of course she will take Barron with her. She seems to still have some of her soul left and does seem to love her son. I just hope it isn’t too late for Barron. I agree, autism isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

          It’s true the scapegoat is usually the most emotionally healthy peron in a family like this. They are usually the truth-tellers, the ones who can see (and sometimes call out) the dysfunction in the family. Scapegoats often suffer from C-PTSD but Tiffany, if she wasn’t exposed that much to Trump growing up, may be spared from that and wind up living a happy, normal life.

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      • Byron does have some cognitive development issues; any layman can see that. That is nothing of which to be ashamed. What bothers me greatly is his being tortured (yes just the geographic living location quarters is torture (of the worse kind), whether autistic or not. I know that from 12 years experience in the attic of a powerful NPD real estate family; nowhere in Trump’s league or city size but it’s all relative. I was pretty dead by age 12. I was born to be the family trash can (2 siblings) and a terrible marriage that should have never occurred. I can see that very clearly with Donald and Melania (no, no rumors but my instincts which often are correct). I was lucky to get the proper treatment; even finished 3/4 college; didn’t get diagnosed until age 62, so had numerous near/death/misses. Now stable, happily married, run my business, friends, active in Autistic causes, etc. Barron appears much smarter than I was at his age; and he has the resources to get the proper help; but will have to be NC with Dad, and possibly Mom too. It’s complicated.

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  2. Good instincts LO. I was the middle child and they knew I would not be a “golden child”. Keep in mind they were NPDs and very powerful and procreated to have “golden children”, not “flawed ones”. So 5 years after I was born, they built the attic bedroom (gorgeous as it was); it was brutal; hence why the Geneva Convention bans that type of isolation (maybe that’s why Trump does not like McCain as he’s been captured, hence “flawed”? Yes, it totally destroys any growth that might have happened, and, at 62 is just beginning to happen with the proper therapy and treatment. Thanks. PS Hence my concern of Barron is personal; not as an attack (at him of course and actually not even Trump, who, IMHO is way too gone to even start to get help), but to hopefully spread the word that if that situation was with any other family in Queens or Bronx or even Peoria; Barron would be at child services, hopefully adopted and the parents UNDER the prison.

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    Study of scapegoating (whether family, politics or business), but particularly family, as that was my experience. I was/am Autistic but not diagnosed until age 62. As a child, I was very different so rather than having me diagnosed, my NPD family put me in an attic bedroom physically alone and away from the family. They controlled my friends. More and more I understand why the Geneva Convention considers this kind of isolation (for POWs) banned and cruel beyond belief. It is said to make waterboarding seem like child’s play (and I do believe that). I see now, in Donald Trump’s own words that he was not very fond of Tiffany and she was abused (sexualized) as an infant. Sadly, most scholarly psychiatrists lump this type narcissistic behavior with pedophilia and other sociopathic conditions. The perpetrator loves the power and/or money too much and has zero empathy. They live to hurt others, but can seem to be the most charming person in the community (and most sane). This is a great blog, and I highly recommend reading “The Sociopath Next Door”. Thanks all. Rick ………Please keep reading Lucky Otter’s blog and do watch the important video.

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  5. Re (glorious leader’s) lying.

    1) he’s telling his (fully-owned) followers – who partake of the same ultimately-toxic nightmare world as he does – exactly what most of them most ***wish*** to hear. (Standard Dale Carnegie trick) Hence they buy whatsoever their (chosen) ‘shaman’ happens to be selling them.

    I’m indicting our (sick) society more than ‘glorious leader’ – as only in a society which has a profound level of *individual AND collective narcissism* would such an individual actually accomplish as much as he has. (While in truth lacking real ability outside of criminality and conning)

    2) in addition to his social gamesmanship, there is a further aspect of ‘Magic(k)’ present – which is a specialty of the personality-disordered. While most pd’s aren’t engaged in formal practice of ‘magic’ / old-fashioned Hinduism, the thinking that takes place (largely in the unconscious) follows more-or-less identical ‘rules’ (which is one of the chief concepts in c.g. jung!).

    This is why pds (especially Npd / aspd) are so commonly seen as leaders by most people: magic(k) is about ‘conning the gods’ and ‘controlling the world, such that it becomes the magician’s slave’. Now if you do those things to other people, while seeing them strictly as ‘a means to an end’ – then those who are controlled thusly will see our Npd’er as a species of (masterful) ‘god’!

    Oh, and our sheep wish precisely such a powerful ‘deity’ – as (through the law of contagion) his masterful power will ‘infect’ them similarly via association! (Much like associating with the powerless and stigmatized has the opposite effect…)

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  6. Wow….Well-written and so so sadly true. Since I was young most of our “leaders”/”deities” preferred we looked at them as “the great oz” or “Your Perfect Father (and mother) or the “Unflinching Boss” etc. I worked in Washington media covering politics for 8 years. Presidents are actually nothing more than glorious policy wonks who work for us. Trump and clan have bamboozled the “whole tribe” in a hypnotic way, as most NPDs do quite easily. Pence may be even more dangerous as he matches “The Sociopath Next Door” in putting all his energy into “fitting in”. Bannon is the “nefarious “bad boy” who, while Trump is doing his maniacal public diversions i.e. “There is no ban” etc, Bannon is pulling all the nasty strings that are rarely if ever covered.

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