Is Donald Trump Abusing His Wife Melania?

What we’re all thinking.  That poor woman looks terrified whenever she’s with him.   She probably has C-PTSD.

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I would say that he treats her like dirt, shit, crap, garbage, whatever metaphor you prefer. He barely even acknowledges her presence. He walks ahead of her in public – this, according to my mother, is a telltale sign of contempt and it is a very bad thing. Ladies any time you are with a man who keeps walking ahead of you, get rid of him. He is doing this because he is embarrassed to be seen with you!

I agree that she displays all of the behavior of an abused woman. He seems to treat her roughly, twisting her finger and apparently ordering her around. He often appears terrified of him. When dancing with him, she looks tense, stiff and fake. But when dancing with a soldier, she comes alive and shows her humanity is yet intact.

Their body language when they are together speaks volumes. It seems like…

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19 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Abusing His Wife Melania?

  1. Wow. I will say that now that he’s President I believe protocol dictates that she walk slightly behind him. However, that doesn’t account for everything else by a long shot.

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    • In fairness – look at the protocols for the British Monarchy … wow … they are complex and involved, but that said, they are protocols steeped in centuries of tradition, not all good, but tradition none the less, and at least the tradition allows for a bloke or a sheila to be the boss (ok, King or Queen) which is interesting – Girls get a turn !! how it should be!
      You are right, very different to Don’s apparent display of ‘manhood’ (not).

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      • He is not a man. A real man wouldn’t treat his wife that way. Even back in the 50s and early 60s, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy never treated their wives with so much disrespect. There is no tradition here; Trump is just a sexist assh*le, that’s all.


  2. The guy who posted that video posted another about the Obama’s divorce – he seems to like controversy, and its not hard to find with famous people. I reckon you’d be hard pressed to make a go of a serious and intimate relationship if fame and fortune shone on you. Of course I’d like to think I’d be the exception, and all the other readers here who I’m assuming are mere mortals like me probably think the same way, but fame and fortune seem to be a death sentence. Some people do make it work, and some even make it work really well – some very committed relationships, I’m sure they have their problems, but they sort them out like we all try to do …
    Trump certainly doesn’t seem to be in love, and neither does she. He’s certainly not nice (that may well be an “I’m not an American so feel less threatened by all this” understatement by me), and its true that the signs of abuse could be there, but one wonders what her side of the story really is? I mean, who marries someone like that (Donald), eyes open, and what are their motives? You have to wonder. I’m not trying to be contrary in any way, but really, maybe she’s naiive? maybe a gold digger? of course either option does NOT justify abuse, but sometimes a failing relationship and the realities of peoples capability to deal with it show through, as do their weaknesses. Either way, thank God (or your preferred deity) he’s not in a position of power or influence …. oh wait, sorry … 🙂 🙂
    I must admit – I feel very detached from the middle of the stream, the fast flowing bit. I avoid media and news, and deliberately filter politics. Sometimes I worry that I have my head in the sand or am going lalalalalala I can’t hear you. Would it change things if I did? Does holding a strong view matter any more? I live somewhere that is a thousand miles (roughly) from any big city, seriously, and love it here for very good reason. And there’s lots of sand here, so burying my head may be easier. I actually think my head is clearer. Well burying your head partially or fully doesn’t fix it all – as a single dad, I still worry about this world, for my kids …

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    • I agree celebrity and being famous leaves you wide open for public scrutiny. That’s one of the hazards of being famous — and if you marry someone like Trump, you will be scrutinized by proxy.
      I don’t know why Melania would have married someone like that. Sure, she could have married him for his money, but something tells me it’s more than that. He probably was very “charming” in the beginning, and she fell head over heals in love. I also think that her culture has a lot to do with why she stays with him. She is an immigrant, from Eastern Europe (Slovenia) and while I don’t know much about Slovenian culture, she was probably raised to be deferent to men and keep her mouth shut. She is probably just beginning to be aware of what she has gotten into, because she looks utterly miserable. She may have Stockholm Syndrome, or hopefully, she will leave him. Imagine the scandal that would cause! But she’d be free. She’s a prisoner in a gilded cage. That man is a monster.
      I agree with you that blogger seems to like controversial topics.


      • In referring to the guy who posted that video, he seems to be referring to the man who posted it on Youtube. Apparently he may have posted something about the Obamas’ divorce. I have written no such thing because I don’t know what “the Obamas’ divorce” means. AFAICT, they are still married, right? They are not divorced? So why would someone make a post of any type about their divorce? The post would be talking about something that does not even exist.

        The abuse in this video is clear as air. And Melania? Sure she is a gold-digger. A lot of females are. They’re probably programmed that way by nature and they can’t even help it. Women are attracted at a base primal level to Looks, Game, Power, Status, Fame, or Money. Mr. Trump clearly has all of the above. He’s the ultimate Alpha, the Alpha of all the Alphas. Of course women will flock to him.

        I suppose I do like to post about controversial topics. I have even been called a trollblogger and a shitblogger, but that’s ok. I don’t need fame. Just give me the women and the money, that’s all I want.


        • Not in a zillion years would this woman (yours truly!) ever touch Trump with a 100 foot pole. He makes me physically ill. I don’t care how much money or power or fame he has. But some women are drawn to that, I can’t pretend to understand it though.
          Looks? Where are they? He looks like shit to me. And his personality is repellent in the extreme.
          If I were looking for a man, which I’m not, I’d look for these things: intelligence, sensitivity/compassion, love for animals, love of nature, decent looks (doesn’t have to be handsome or “hot”), gainfully employed with a decent income (not necessarily wealthy), sense of humor, insight, interested in books, music, and the human condition. Not all woman are out to find an Alpha Male.
          BTW, I enjoy your blog, controversial or not. I like to read about controversial things.


          • May I ask you a question? I work in mental health. You state that you have several DSM disorders. I have no problem with that. I work with people like this all the time, and maybe I even have one myself?

            But my question is were you actually dx’d with these disorders by a proper clinician according to DSM criteria, or are you just dx’ing yourself here, which is pretty hazy territory?

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            • Officially dx’d with BPD, Avoidant PD and Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD), dysthymia, Panic disorder (mostly caused by episodes of dissociation), and C-PTSD (I added the C to that, since only PTSD is officially recognized), self diagnosed covert narcissism (I used to self diagnose as Aspergers)


            • Good. Well, at least it’s official. Now you know what you have and you know what there is to work on or whatnot. I think people should always know what’s wrong with them. I go to the physical doctor and I want him to tell me what is wrong with me, dammit! Don’t hide it from me. When I got my first DSM dx, I picked up a copy of the DSM on his table and gave it to him and said, “Ok look through this book here. Give me every single thing I have in that book, even on Axis 2. I don’t care. Don’t hold back. I need to know everything that is wrong with me.”

              And so he did. He even gave the dx on some official DSM diagnosis form, lol.

              I’m not allowed to give legal DSM diagnoses, BTW. But I do give people my opinion on what they have, but that is usually limited to one disorder because most of my counseling centers around a particular Axis 1 disorder. I don’t really work with other conditions.

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            • For me, it helps having the labels. It’s better than wondering what the heck is wrong with me. It gives me clarity and a better idea of what I need to do to help myself. When I don’t get a dx, I wind up giving them to myself anyway. Some people hate labels, and it’s true they are stigmatizing and limiting (because people are more complicated than a label), but they help me. My therapist hates giving diagnoses, which drove me nuts for awhile until I finally insisted, like you did.
              By Axis 2, do you mean personality disorders? I didn’t know the DSM still uses Axis 1, 2, etc. What kind of counseling do you do?


  3. I don’t believe there is some protocol that a first wife has to walk behind the president. Obama didn’t make his wife walked behind him. He escorted her and kissed her hand. A first wife and the president – are both technically civilians.

    I agree that both Trump’s and Melania’s body language indicates she is being in manners abused, and Melanie also demonstrates what could be traits of Stockholm Syndrome. The grown children also manifest the expected patterns and are very un self aware, still identifying with and defending the paternal narcissist.

    Ivanka I am particularly concerned with, as Trump’s gross and public remarks regarding her sexuality and sexual organs are textbook emotional incest.

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    • He is very abusive toward women, has no respect for them, and treats them like property or chattel. I think his comments about his own daughter alone should have barred him from the presidency. Yet everyone was all up in Bill Clinton’s face for his affair. Not that what he did was right (it wasn’t) but the same people who were tsk-tsk ing Clinton for his behavior conveniently ignore Trump’s own infidelity, his multiple marriages, his disrespect toward women in general, and his incestuous comments about his own daughter. He’s disgusting.


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