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Learning to become the mother I wish I’d had

Amazing and insightful post written by a diagnosed NPD (non-malignant) who has been working hard to stop the generational transfer of NPD and raise an emotionally healthy and empathic son, while she works on herself. They are learning together, and … Continue reading

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Family estrangement.

  Psychology Today has an interesting article about why family members become estranged.  In most cases, it’s an adult child between the ages of 25 and 35 who initiates the severing of the parent-child relationship. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/domestic-intelligence/201512/the-persistent-pain-family-estrangement. “A difficult parent is … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2015 (with pictures!)

Mr. Biggles and his Thanksgiving greeting. I look back on last Thanksgiving and realize now how weird and sad it was. My daughter was in jail for 30 days for DUI (she has improved IMMENSELY since that experience)–I don’t recommend … Continue reading

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“Inside Out”: a touching and funny story about the way emotions work.

Yesterday I decided to take myself to the movies for a change, and chose to see “Inside Out,” the Disney Pixar animated summer fantasy blockbuster. Seeing “Inside Out” was a serendipitous choice, because I just happened to have enough money … Continue reading

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My daughter moved out last night with her current boyfriend. This was of course the plan, but I’m really in the dumps today because we fought last night. It ended with me telling her to pack up and get out … Continue reading

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My daughter just made me cry.

Molly and me in the car in April 2014. I was 2 months No Contact with my MN ex by then. My daughter Molly got home from visiting some friends, and admitted that she had come across my blog back … Continue reading

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Targets and Victims

I found another blog today written by a survivor of a sick family of psychopaths and sociopaths (I’ve added the site to my list of resources under the “Info and Support” tab in the green bar in the header. I … Continue reading

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How my mother became a narcissist.

I’ve said a lot of negative things about my mother, but I don’t hate her. Today I was thinking about how she got to be the way she is. While most narcissistic psychopaths are probably genetically predisposed to this condition … Continue reading

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It’s all about image: the skewed values of narcissistic families

Last night I read a blog post by another survivor of narcissistic parents , and was astounded by how similar her parents’ values were to mine. She writes that her father criticized her for being too idealistic. Now that would normally … Continue reading

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Conversation with a narcissist: part two

I didn’t blog about it, but this weekend my daughter was admitted to the psychiatric ward due to major depression. I was concerned because she hadn’t gotten out of bed or eaten anything in 4 days. Her father who is … Continue reading

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