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Heap Coals of Fire on Their Head (A 2017 Thought)

Originally posted on SGM:
By Patrick Hawthorne In prayer this morning, I could not get the thought out of my head.  “Heap coals of fire on their head.”  This word was for me, but I thought you might receive from…

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Sometimes I yell at God.

I talk to God a lot in my car, driving to and from work.  Sometimes I talk to him at other times too, like when I’m in the shower or cleaning a house.   Lately I’ve been getting in the … Continue reading

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I don’t want to become bitter and full of hate.

Credit: lynnmosher.com I’m dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions right now in the wake of my dad’s passing, and rage is probably the dominant emotion I’m trying to process. Not rage at my dad per se, but rage at … Continue reading

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Spiritual crisis.

I’ve always hesitated about getting too religious on this blog, since people of many different faiths (or none at all) come here and I don’t want to alienate non-Christians or atheists. But there’s no possible way to write what I’m … Continue reading

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My delusional fantasy.

I think a lot of anger at my parents has been triggered. For years I’ve avoided thinking about my past or made excuses as to why my family treated me the way they did. I haven’t felt this enraged at … Continue reading

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My final words about this…

I’m not angry or upset and I don’t hate you. I don’t pity you anymore either. Pity is a wasted emotion and does nothing but condescend to the person you are pitying. In spite of our differences, I have the … Continue reading

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My daughter just made me cry.

Molly and me in the car in April 2014. I was 2 months No Contact with my MN ex by then. My daughter Molly got home from visiting some friends, and admitted that she had come across my blog back … Continue reading

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