We both need your prayers (updated 12/31/14)

Post deleted–this will be explained in my next post.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. 🙂 My daughter is fine–well, at least she’s not nearly as bad off as this post had said.

She and I were the victims of a very convincing psychopath (not her father). We seem to attract them like shit attracts flies. It’s hard to know who to believe when you’re dealing with a very skilled psychopath and a borderline narcissist at the same time.

15 thoughts on “We both need your prayers (updated 12/31/14)

  1. I’m definitely praying for the both of you. I’ve dealt with addiction in the family and I know what that’s like.

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  2. Your family is in our prayers, she is beautiful just like her momma and I hope God is the rock she hits soon in her downward spiral with her addiction. Sounds like despite her MN father she does have a lot of people that love her and care about her which is more than most addicts can say and will be a huge lifeline in her recovery process when she is ready.

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  3. I’m keeping you both in my prayers. May God pull her away from the path she is on and wrap you in His strength and comfort.

    I live at ground zero of the meth and heroin epidemic, so know that you are not alone and as awful as it all is, there is hope and healing possible.

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