Infected by evil: putting the pieces together


This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to write, but I can’t rest until I do. Because everything is making sense to me now.

In having several long talks with Paul, Molly’s ex, I am ever more convinced than ever my ex-husband Michael was a monster, someone who wasn’t even human. He has told me some incredible things that happened during the short time he lived there in his house. He is convinced as I am that Michael is a monster.

And I am realizing that everything that’s happened lately was preparing me for a mindblowing and chilling realization, and now everything that’s happened is making a lot more sense. God really does work in strange and mysterious ways. I must have been ready for God to be revealing the truth to me the way he is now. Not so much before. I could not have emotionally handled knowing the truth.

In going back in my mind over my marriage and in particular what has happened to my daughter starting about ten years ago, when she was about 12, I realized the timing of things has been uncanny, with a lot of foreshadowing and signs that gave me bits of whatever truths I could handle at the time. Now all the truth is finally being revealed.

My ex is a monster, evil to the core. He is one of the most evil human beings I have ever met, and I hesitate to even call him human. It’s not hatred of him making me say these things; in fact I feel quite sorry for him. It’s just a truth: he is one of the most malignant narcissists and evil psychopaths I have ever known.

I mentioned in an early post how I saw the opaque, black alienlike eyes on him once when he was angry and drunk. What I failed to mention was that I saw those eyes while we were having sex. And they were accompanied by an expression I can only describe as hatred so profound it sent chills throughout my body. I felt violated and pushed him off me, and made some excuse. I was chilled to the bone.

I was never able to have sex with him again after seeing those eyes. I knew what I saw was real. I knew if I had ever sex with him again I could be infected with his evil.

“The Nightmare” by Johann Heinrich, 1783

Around the same time (and I think I talked about this too once), my father talked to him on the phone, and told me later he swore he heard a gutteral, inhuman voice coming from my ex. It only lasted a second, but I totally believe it was not his imagination. There is nothing wrong with my father’s mind. What he heard was real, even though I never heard it myself. But I had seen those eyes. It was all coming from the same place–a core of pure evil and malevolence.

Shortly after this, in about 2005, we divorced. Lack of sexual relations was only one of the reasons. In fact, it wasn’t even the primary reason. I just knew this was someone who hated me and who could not be trusted and was dangerous to our children and to me.

I did not go No Contact with him. I had never heard of No Contact back then. I was very emotionally and mentally weak and beaten down, and only a step away from developing Stockholm Syndrome, which would have fully put me under his thrall and turned me evil too. I was afraid of him because he was so spiteful and I felt powerless against it.

My daughter Molly, just 12 at the time, did not want to live with me. She had always felt closer to her father, who used her as his sounding board and treated her more like a buddy than a parent. Up until this time, she was the perfect child–straight A’s, lots of friends, extracurricular activities, did her homework, helpful around the house, very empathic, loved animals, athletic. Her father always favored her over his son, who was treated as his scapegoat and was much closer to me. Molly was his golden child. I had no idea at the time of the extent of his evil and how it would infect his daughter. I didn’t want Molly to hate me so during the custody hearings, it was agreed Ethan would live with me and Molly would stay with her father, with unlimited visitation on both sides. Essentially we both had joint custody and decided to let the kids live with the parent they chose.

I know now I should have been stronger and fought for her to live with me, as much as she preferred her father. If I had, Molly may have not developed the very serious and dangerous problems she has now. She may not have developed NPD of the malignant variety or addiction to the worst drug on the planet today–methamphetamine. But I was so afraid of her hating me and at the time, I didn’t see the danger of her living with him. He had a new girlfriend who seemed stable and very friendly and seemed to like Molly very much. Oh, there was so much I didn’t know back then.

My son never liked going over to their place. He said the atmosphere there was creepy, the house was old and rundown (it was), and it smelled (they had 8 dogs), and the girlfriend (let’s call her Heather) was very much involved in the occult. He said she had weird symbols everywhere like pentagrams and gargoyle-like figurines. He was telling the truth. Once when I had to go there to pick the kids up, I noticed a wall hanging depicting two demon lovers hanging over their bed.

Around this time, my father sent me M. Scott Peck’s book “People of the Lie,” with a note attached. In the note he explained he never had believed in evil or evil people before, but after having read the book, he recognized my ex, Michael, as a Person of the Lie. He told me to be very careful about allowing Ethan and Molly near him, and to watch out for myself as well.

I read the book with fascination, and definitely recognized Michael as evil, but was not yet ready to internalize these lessons, and was still in denial and very much under Michael’s thrall, so I did nothing about it at the time. I made excuses to myself that maybe he really wasn’t that evil, but in my heart I knew he was.

A seed had been planted though–A seed that would flower and bloom and grow into a mental clarity that has brought me courage–courage to kick him to the curb a year ago, courage to start this blog, courage to face the truth even at its most ugly and disgusting, and a willingness to fight against the scourge of malignant narcissism in my family and in general. I now know, through writing in this journal, exactly how the mechanics of evil have worked in my family. Had I been able to internalize what I had read in that book in 2005, I may have been able to keep Molly from experiencing what was about to happen to her. Make no mistake: codependence and fear are as deadly as narcissism itself.

Heather (my ex’s girlfriend) was addicted to pain pills and (I found out later after it was too late) often took my 12 year old daughter to parties where there were hard drugs and alcohol present. She allowed Molly to try pain pills. Ethan had stopped going there and Molly never told me about this so I had no idea what was really going on. I was probably also in denial. My ex was usually so drunk he couldn’t drive Molly to school. I remember Molly being upset by that–at the time she still loved school and learning. But there were no school buses out there where they lived in Leicester, NC, which is a remote and rural outpost of Asheville. So her attendance and grades suffered, through no fault of her own.


My ex, through Heather, began to dabble heavily into the occult and bought himself sets of Tarot cards and taught himself to do readings. Sometimes they held seances in their home and sometimes Molly participated, though it didn’t really interest her much.

But when I saw Molly she was still the sweet, studious girl I always knew. She seemed a little resentful at being in my company though. There was also something far away about her look, like she was deep in thought about something. I chalked it up to preteen angst and moodiness and didn’t worry about it much.

A few months after Molly turned 12 (I can’t remember the date, but it was sometime in the late summer), something happened that changed Molly’s entire personality. She crossed a line over into evil. I have written articles before about how a good person can become evil: they can be found here and here. Though normally a choice is made where the person crosses a line into evil, sometimes the transformation is not through a conscious choice, as in the example of some war veterans forced to commit atrocities against their will. They return from war having lost their ability to feel empathy and love. In Molly’s case, it was also not a conscious choice, but something done to her by her own father, a dangerous malignant narcissist and psychopath.

All children becoming adolescents go through a rebellious phase, which is a normal part of growing up and separating from one’s parents, but it’s nearly always a gradual process and eventually abates as the child finally becomes independent or moves out of the home. But for Molly it was different. She literally turned into a different person overnight, like Jekyll and Hyde.

On that fateful night in late July or August 2005, Molly was raped by her father. She thinks it may have happened twice that night but she is not sure. She may have blocked out most of it, was drugged beforehand, or she has so much shame that she cannot talk about it.


I never knew about this until this past Christmas night. All I had heard before was that Heather had kicked Michael out of the house that night, because she found Molly and Michael sleeping in the same bed. As bad as Heather was, at least she had the decency to get rid of him.

Molly had to come home with me, but her personality had changed drastically. From that time on, she was in constant trouble at school, did drugs, and was sexually promiscuous. Her grades went from As to Fs. Her behavior got increasingly worse over the years and didn’t improve as she reached her 20s. Today she is a hardcore drug addict and a malignant narcissist herself.

An investigation had been done by social services but was inconclusive because Molly couldn’t remember what had happened or if anything had happened at all. There was no indication of sperm present but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped or molested.

The truth came out on Christmas night after she had a few drinks and sometimes that can act as a truth serum.
Molly had begun to cry, sobbing, “I’m a terrible person. I make everyone so unhappy. I cause you and Mommy and my friends so much misery and pain. But I keep doing it. I don’t know how to stop!” Tears flooded her face. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was facing her lost self and emptiness without the masks on. As Sam Vaknin explains, a narcissist without their masks or has lost their narcissistic supply falls to pieces.
Paul and I went over and held her and told her she was not a bad person, just a person with a lot of problems and a bad drug addiction. We told her we loved her and everything would be okay. She kept crying, and then blurted out, “My father made me like this. He made me bad.” She sounded like a tiny girl. She sounded like her lost true self.
“What do you mean?” I asked, terrified to hear the answer.
She wiped her eyes angrily and said, “the night he raped me.”
“He raped you?”
“Remember when Heather found him in bed with me? He wasn’t sleeping. He raped me. I saw his eyes. They were black. He looked like the devil. I couldn’t look away. I was scared but I couldn’t look away. I felt like I was under some kind of spell.”
I stared at her, dumbfounded, my heart pounding like a hammer in my chest. I couldn’t form words. I could barely breathe. Paul told me I looked like I saw a ghost.
Molly continued, “That’s when I went bad. Something happened to me. I don’t want to be like this. I hurt everyone. I lie to everybody. But I can’t change.”
This didn’t last long. Soon she was asleep and the next day, the drama started where she and Paul fought and she went off in a van with her methhead friends.

Last I heard she’s living in a meth cooker’s house. I have no idea where it is. I don’t have a way to contact her. I have had to let her go. I have to, for my own sanity. She can’t live with me anymore. I can’t help her anymore. I am praying constantly for her salvation from the disease of malignant narcissism her own father infected her with when he raped her nearly ten years ago.

And yet, I have faith somehow everything will work out. I think…THINK…I have the courage now to face anything that happens.

I don’t think Molly is 100% evil like her father because she had that moment of clarity on Christmas (I have never seen Michael be anything but evil or under the guise of a mask). She’s had other moments that give me glimpses of the brilliant, empathic, sensitive girl she used to be. I know deep in her soul she is screaming for help. I hope she gets it. I hope she’s one of the very few narcissists who can get better. The fact she’s still young is to her benefit. Getting off drugs will make it easier for her.

She may not have hit her bottom yet. Once she gets as low as she can go (with God’s grace avoiding death), she may be ready to rid herself of the chemicals that obscure what she has become from herself. It’s going to be a hard road for her to face, a hard road for everyone. But I can’t give up hope yet. She is my daughter.

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    • Mmmmhmmm. I’m glad I know the truth as painful as it is. It explains so much to me. I think God knew I was ready to know. Things are being revealed to me as I need to know them and I feel like in the long hall, this is a very good thing which will help me become even better able to help others besides myself and my daughter.


  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. As I was reading though, I couldn’t help but think “Borderline” not NPD. I know that BPD has it’s spectrum of narcissism but the break down she had Christmas night seemed closer to BPD. The pushing others away has a “I hate you don’t leave me” feel to it. She left before she could be left. The rage you wrote about in a previous post, when she was in the bathroom and raging at Paul while Paul was trying to calm her…that also screams BPD.

    I know it’s a fine line, especially with the heavy drug involvement. But still. And I know either way it’s an awful mess. But with BPD I think there is more hope anyway. She called herself bad. She’s not of course, but a narcissist would never say that…would they?

    This is sad. She’s so young.

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    • Sam Vaknin has. Some of his journals are harrowing. I posted one of when he realized he was a narcissist. It was heartbreaking. Narcissists with a lot of insight or intelligence (my daughter has a very high IQ) can sometimes tap into the wounded true self (usually when they’ve lost their supply) and it’s excruciating, which is why they go back to wearing the masks. Most can’t do this ever. Maybe a benign narcissist can because they dont really have NPD.

      But I agree with you she acts more like someone with BPD. In fact, she has been diagnosed with this disorder. It could be she has BPD, and if so, then there is more hope for her. But she needs to somehow get clean first. I don’t know if she can anymore or will.

      I’ve heard drug addiction can make someone act just like someone with NPD–and for a borderline (BPD is very close to NPD and both are in the Cluster B personality disorders category) it probably seems even more so.

      So perhaps she does have BPD and drug addiction, which mimics NPD. Time will tell. I’m expecting the worst right now, because I don’t want to get my hopes up too high either.


      • Well I wrote out a pretty long reply to you but then lost it. I’m frustrated and trying to see if I can get it back, but not holding out too much hope there. Besides I’m in need of getting some sleep. I hate when I lose something that I spent so much time on. ugh.

        In short though I mean becoming aware, learning painful lessons or information and even at certain times, seeing something in a situation that you never saw or realized before. Your post actually goes into it quite well.

        I am waking up as well to much of who my mother actually is. It’s bittersweet. Of course I want to know the truth, it explains a lot. But there is a strange but sick comfort in staying unaware (asleep) to the abuse, manipulation and even neglect…or more specifically the damage it has caused.

        If I can retrieve what I wrote I will send it to you. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible.


  2. I hope she finds the path back to herself. I think she needs help and these drugs are self medicating. Bless you for having the strength to give her the space to find herself. I know it must be excruciating for you.

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  3. So sad…my (now adult daughter), turned to drugs after abuse. I had to let go and just pray…being available and ready with open arms as she made her return. I am watching my youngest two suffer the effects of having time with a narcissistic psychopath parent. I now call their first 24 hours back from their visits,”detox time”. They are full of anxiety, afraid of everything, and revert to baby like behaviors (they are 6&8). I had a hard battle to keep the dad from destroying me in his effort to “win”…covert threats and intimidation…neglect and violate the boundaries of the kids…all sick. Sending hugs and prayers to you tonightπŸ’œπŸ’™


    • I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. It’s so hard when your kids are involved–and it’s more than one.
      At least my son seems to be doing okay. He has issues–anxiety, panic attacks and anger issues–but he’s doing well overall and on his own went NC with his father. He barely talks to his sister. He’s made a surrogate family of a circle of close friends who share his interests and he does not do drugs. He has goals and wants to be successful and happy. I think he’s learning to like himself in spite of being his father’s scapegoat as a child. I like to think I might have had something to do with the way he’s turned out, since he spent his teen years with me.
      I’ll keep you and your children in my thoughts. It’s good you were able to let your adult daughter go. Prayer does work too. I never believed it before, but it does. Wishing you all the best.


  4. I truly, truly, truly hope that this helps in mending your relationship with Molly. I pray that she welcomes and receives the therapy she desperately needs to get through this awful trauma. And I hope your fears of her being “bad” as a result of genetics is allayed by the fact that her life was hijacked from her by this awful sociopath of a man she called her father. It must have been terribly painful to write this post but I hope things start to fall into place. You are doing the right thing by standing by her side. You are her mother and you are wonderful for not giving up hope. Good luck. xo

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    • The trouble is, she still identifies with him. On Facebook tonight he was sending her pictures of drugs and they were laughing about it. What an evil piece of scum. I wouldn’t even call him human scum.
      I told him I thought he wsa being evil and stupid and they both just laughed at me

      She has rejected all her friends and anyone who cares about her. She only associates with people who can hurt her more
      I can’t stand it.


      • He sounds like a Charles Manson type. He’s sick and a pure sociopath.

        She’s unfortunately under his spell due to the drugs and abuse. He’s taken advantage of his position as a person of ultimate trust and continues to abuse her. Psychological abuse is just as bad; I wish more people would take it seriously. You see it/lived it first hand; it’s powerful. She’s weakened as a result of her self esteem and the narcotics. I hope she has the strength to get out of his grasp asap.
        Please continue to update us on your journey. You have friends praying for you guys. xo

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  5. I held my nose to go on Facebook tonight. Several of her friends that she no longer talks to (because they actually care about her) expressed their fears to me. I was hoping I was crazy that I think she is probably going to die soon, but unfortunately most of them feel that way too. I don’t think she is going to survive. Her father destroyed her soul and soon she will lose her body too. I haveno idea how I am going to handle that. I don’t even have money to pay for a funeral and my family has disowned her. All I can do is set up another blog as an online memorial to her.
    I’m sorry that’s terribly morbid but I don’t feel like she’s going to make it this time. Anyone who has seen her has said she’s very close to death and very strung out. I can’t have her committed because I have no idea where she is. No one else does either. And those who do wont help her or take her to a hospital.
    I am trying to emotionally let go of her now…prepare myself for this because I think it’s almost inevitable. I don’t have much hope.


    • And because I live in the fucking greedy ass United States which has cut back drastcally on mental health and health care for the poor , there are very few services available that don’t cost a ton of money that would actually do anything for her. All she can get is a 5 day detox and even for that she has to voluntarily go or be involuntarily committed. Last time she went it did jack shit.


        • In case anyone wants to pray for her, her real name is Rowan. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl who had so much to offer the world. Please help. Even if you don’t believe in God, pray to the universe or something. Please.

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    • Oh my, I don’t even know where to begin…but I will write a (long and probably confusing) post about it later.
      She is fine. Looks like both of us were taken in by a very skilled, very convincing psychopath (not her father). It’s hard to know who to believe when you’re dealing with a psychopath and a borderline narcissist. I’ll try to explain it all later. My head feels like scrambled eggs it’s been fucked with so much this week.

      I am so sorry to hear about the relapse in your illness 😦 I’ll try to email you later, I hope you are going to be okay. How is your husband?


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