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So, here’s what I believe about Satan.

Painting depicting Satan’s fall from heaven.   I don’t know whether Satan exists or not.  But if he does, he can’t be very powerful.  He was merely an archangel, with about as much power as Michael, before he fell.  How … Continue reading

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Infected by evil: putting the pieces together

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to write, but I can’t rest until I do. Because everything is making sense to me now. In having several long talks with Paul, Molly’s ex, I am … Continue reading

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The stages of becoming malignant; moments of clarity

I just received this comment under the currently spiking article (linked in the previous post). Click to enlarge. I’ve embellished my reply into an article because this was such a fascinating issue to me. Becoming Malignant Malignant narcissists who became … Continue reading

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Malignant narcissism and the supernatural: a connection?

WARNING: This is a dark and highly disturbing topic for many people. If discussions about evil entities, the demonic or the supernatural bothers you, I suggest not reading this blog post to avoid being triggered. I’ve discussed the subject of … Continue reading

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