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When the “fleas” of narcissism go too far.

Narcissists infect people, just like a disease. They have the uncanny ability of turning people into one of them, if you’re around them long enough. That’s why, whenever it’s possible, No Contact is always the best course of action. You … Continue reading

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“Children of God”: demonic cult disguised as Christianity

David Berg, founder of the Children of God. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing! David Berg, a malignant narcissist extraordinaire, who believed himself to be the Last Great Prophet of God and called himself “Moses David,” founded the hippie-like Jesus … Continue reading

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Infected by evil: putting the pieces together

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to write, but I can’t rest until I do. Because everything is making sense to me now. In having several long talks with Paul, Molly’s ex, I am … Continue reading

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