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Better than a Klonopin.

 VS.   It’s the 4th week of Advent, the preliminary weeks leading to Christmas that are recognized by the Catholic Church (and also, I believe, all liturgical or “high churches” like the Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Orthodox churches).   In the … Continue reading

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Why I love liturgy.

Back in April, during the Easter Vigil mass, I became a Roman Catholic. This came as a surprise to many people I know, since I’d spent most of my life as an agnostic and at times veered close to atheism. … Continue reading

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To My Non-Christian Friends: What You Should Know

Originally posted on All My Roads:
I am a Christian. As a Christian- particularly one of the Evangelical bent- mine is a tradition that has a reputation for abrasive condemnations of those who aren’t Christians: screaming brimstone and judgment from…

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Have a Blessed Easter!

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Narcissists destroy who they cannot control.

Interesting and insightful video by Smakintosh, who has a Youtube channel filled with other videos about malignant narcissism and how to deal with them. Smakintosh speaks from a Christian perspective, but his messages aren’t limited to just Christians but to … Continue reading

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I’m finally getting really excited about this.

In late October, after a lifetime of being agnostic but intermittently dabbling in various cults (Scientology) and religions including Buddhism and fundamentalist Christianity (Southern Baptist), I made the decision to become a Roman Catholic. If you’re interested in the reasoning … Continue reading

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Wow, this is getting real…

Back in late October, I made the decision to become Catholic. I’ve been attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) classes every Wednesday night since then. If you want to read about how my decision evolved, you can read these blog … Continue reading

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“Children of God”: demonic cult disguised as Christianity

David Berg, founder of the Children of God. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing! David Berg, a malignant narcissist extraordinaire, who believed himself to be the Last Great Prophet of God and called himself “Moses David,” founded the hippie-like Jesus … Continue reading

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What If Conservatives Actually Followed The Teachings of Jesus?

There’s not much more I can add here that hasn’t already been said by this blogger. Most conservatives in America are following a god of greed and narcissistic values instead of the charitable and compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ, who … Continue reading

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Proverbs Chapter 9

Originally posted on Steven D. Jennings:
? “Whoever corrects a mocker invites insult; whoever rebukes a wicked man incurs abuse.” Proverbs 9:7. Back in the day, I was that mocker. I was a mocking fool. I hated my environment and…

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