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The Religious Right cares about control, not morality.

Christian Right leaders (in both politics and the churches) — many who embrace the horrific theology of Dominionism/Reconstructionism — pretend to care an awful lot about morality.    They rant on endlessly about abortion and homosexuality.  They want to roll … Continue reading

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When the Narcissist uses God Against You

Originally posted on Divorcing a Narcissist Blog:
Before I met the Narcissist I pretty much identified as Atheist. I grew up being somewhat forced into the Catholic religion because my mom was raised that way. I think she felt like…

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The Silent Treatment: weapon of control.

The silent treatment is a psychological weapon all narcissists use, even those lacking the cunning or Machiavellianism to successfully use more complex weapons like triangulation or gaslighting (I’m not sure they really require intelligence since it’s probably programmed into them and … Continue reading

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How my NPD/ASPD control freak ex used a dog to gaslight me.

In 2011, when my parasitic MN/ASPD ex was still living on my couch, he decided he wanted a dog. We already had a dog, Dexter, who was an awesome black lab mix (he lives with my daughter and her fiance … Continue reading

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Narcissists use political correctness to control.

Political correctness has never been more in vogue than it is right now, and our society has also never been more narcissistic than it is right now. As Americans, we worship narcissistic celebrities, narcissistic politicans, narcissistic sports stars, and narcissistic … Continue reading

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Narcissists destroy who they cannot control.

Interesting and insightful video by Smakintosh, who has a Youtube channel filled with other videos about malignant narcissism and how to deal with them. Smakintosh speaks from a Christian perspective, but his messages aren’t limited to just Christians but to … Continue reading

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The silent treatment.

This is a common ploy narcissists use to control, manipulate or punish their “prey.” It can be as crazymaking as their other tools of trade, such as gaslighting, Hoovering, projection, blameshifting, boundary violation, and triangulation.

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