Narcissists destroy who they cannot control.

Interesting and insightful video by Smakintosh, who has a Youtube channel filled with other videos about malignant narcissism and how to deal with them.

Smakintosh speaks from a Christian perspective, but his messages aren’t limited to just Christians but to anyone victimized by malignant narcissists. All his videos are excellent.

“The narcissist has no use for the one he or she cannot control. If the narc in your life cannot control you, you mean nothing to them.”
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7 thoughts on “Narcissists destroy who they cannot control.

      • Certinaly! I’m glad to have found your blog. I saw the post OM reblogged. I too am a recovering victim of narcissism with BPD. I applaud your efforts to speak out, even though it is challenging and sometimes dangerous. Thank you!

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        • It’s very scary too! I’m glad you found my blog, Kit Kat. Good to have another BPD victim of narcissism on board. It’s hard for us too, because BPD is so closely related to NPD and some of the ACONs and all the “narc haters” you see all over the Internet don’t especially care for “Borderlines” either because we’re still Cluster B, can be narcissistic, and are considered manipulative and unstable. But BPD is one of the myriad of ways narcissists can damage a person, especially in childhood. And so is NPD–narcs create new narcs.

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          • Indeed! I wish more people could understand though similar BPD and NPD are two distinct disorders, but as you said… We unfortunately share many of the less desirable traits and thus to the untrained eye get lumped in or written off as narcs. Oh well… We can tell the difference, and hopefully sharing our experiences will bring some change to popular opinion. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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