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I think Melania Trump is an abused woman.

I think Melania Trump is showing signs of PTSD.  Watch the way she flinches and looks uncomfortable when her husband passes her and touches her arm, before she starts to recite the Lord’s Prayer at the Trump rally in Florida … Continue reading

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Karma comes a-calling for my malignant narcissist ex.

Sometimes you can actually see what happens to a narcissistic abuser when they alienate everyone and have nothing left. My MN ex has effectively alienated not only his ex wife (me), but also both his children. He has no other … Continue reading

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Mr. Stingy.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I remember one of my narcissistic lovers. He was a textbook example of a malignant narcissist, and a mean one at that. Although he never became physically violent, I think he would have if…

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Where does this silly idea that covert narcissism is the most malignant come from?

I used to believe malignant narcissism was at the top of the narcissistic spectrum, but after learning and reading more,  I’ve changed my opinion somewhat.  I think malignant narcissism is actually a hybrid of NPD + ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) … Continue reading

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Knowing the Narcissist: a triggering blog for ACONs but could be useful.

I stumbled across a WordPress blog yesterday written by a self-professed Malignant Narcissist. The name of his blog is, simply enough, Knowing the Narcissist. Indeed, to read Malignarc’s entries is to know the mind of a high spectrum, unrepentant, sociopathic … Continue reading

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The narcissistic spectrum according to Lucky Otter

A friend and I were talking about where exactly different levels of narcissism would fall on the N-spectrum. Of course narcissism (or any psychological topic) isn’t an exact science so giving the different levels numerical values seems a little silly, … Continue reading

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My animal hoarder ex.

My ex, a malignant narcissist who has been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, is an animal hoarder. When we were married, at one point we had 15 cats. I was always too embarrassed to tell anyone how many we had … Continue reading

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A malignant narcissist’s rage in action.

I’m not going to review the movie “Boogie Nights” here but there’s a scene I want to talk about because of how powerful it is. “Boogie Nights” is a 1997 film that starred Mark Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler, young man … Continue reading

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Psychopathy may not be what you think.

I’ve been doing some reading about psychopathy and have found out some surprising things. I always was a little confused as to how psychopathy differed from sociopathy and have used those terms interchangeably on this blog due to my confusion. … Continue reading

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What a narcissistic parent sounds like.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Here are two Youtube videos that graphically show exactly how a mother with a bad case of NPD (malignant narcissism) operates. These videos are entertaining in a scary and disturbing way, like watching a…

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