5 more weird things you may see a narcissist do.


After I posted my article 12 Weird Things You Might See a Narcissist Do, I thought of a few more things so I am adding them to the list.
I also had fun writing that post, and I’m in a rotten mood so writing this might make me feel a little better.

1. They react to events inappropriately.


This is actually one of those things that’s pretty well known about narcs, but it’s so weird and disturbing I had to put it here. Narcissists don’t feel emotions the way normal people do, and often have the opposite reaction to things you would expect. They love it when something bad happens to someone else. They might laugh when someone gets fired, is dumped by their lover, or falls down and breaks their neck, but because they are also pathologically envious, they will sulk or become upset if someone shares good news. They can’t stand it when good things happen to other people and will try to ruin their moment for them. This may get them negative attention, but is effective because it takes the attention off the person with the good news. Narcs don’t care if they get negative attention–it’s still attention and that’s what they crave.

2. They cry without tears.


This is one of the weirdest things about narcissists. Narcs will shed actual tears for themselves if they’ve been hurt or denied their fix of supply (and they can shed enough tears to float the Queen Mary if that’s the case), but in a situation that calls for crying, such as a funeral or other sad event, they can only pretend to cry, and this means their eyes will remain dry even if they appear to be crying along with everyone else. To hide their dry eyes, they will probably keep their face covered. I’ve also seen psychopathic or malignant narcissist criminals on the witness stand attempt to shed tears to show remorse, but their dry eyes prove this is just an act.

3. Their laughter is strange.


Narcissistic laughter sounds forced to me, and is usually way too loud or contrived sounding. It’s unsettling to listen to and I also noticed the way everyone in the room goes silent when the narc starts to laugh. They also laugh at inappropriate times (see #1).

4. They either care too much about their appearance or don’t give a damn how they look.

body_builder slob

A somatic narcissist will care way too much about the way they look, obsessing over their weight, hair, clothing, health or makeup, or if a man, over their health, abs or muscle mass. But many cerebral narcissists, including women, don’t give a damn about their appearance. In fact, their personal hygiene and grooming is sometimes downright disgusting. It’s almost as if they think they’re too smart to be bothered with trying to look decent. I’m acquainted with a cerebral narcissist who has lost all his teeth because he never bothered brushing or flossing, his breath stinks, and he has terrible B.O. His clothing looks like he found it at the bottom of a trash bin and his pants are threadbare in the butt, always too big and he doesn’t bother wearing a belt so you can see the top of his butt crack. His fingernails are long and caked with black dirt. He wears flip flops even in the winter and his toenails are thick and brown with fungus. And as a bonus, he keeps a old coffee mug in his bathroom filled with his own hair and refuses to throw it away. I have no idea what he saves it for, but it’s disgusting.

5. They are either neat freaks or their homes are pig pens.

germaphobe dirty_house

Related to the above, most somatic narcissists are neat freaks or germ-a-phobes, and live in houses that look like museums or are so sterile they look like doctor’s offices. But some cerebral narcissists live in squalor, wallowing in their filthy surroundings like a pig wallowing in mud.


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  1. I love this topic. All my narcs are strange beyond belief and these are helping me. I’ve seen them actually laugh over a death in the newspaper, a local cop died on duty, too funny.

    My mother’s laugh will curdle blood. My mother was a neat freak but was best friends with a woman narc who lived in a pig pen. It was in my last posting. It was weird. It was like the two of them could have shared a body and became a whole person. They balanced eachother, but still creepy.

    My mother was not somatic, and I actually think I saw her do that with a pizza.

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    • OMG, I have to read your last post! They are such weird characters. If it wasn’t so very sad, it would be funny. I have to laugh at them sometimes, it makes them seem a bit less threatening because so many of them are really so evil.

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    • You mean tear it apart like a lion tearing up his kill, the way that unwashed insane looking narc in the picture is doing? Excuse me while I go vomit.
      All the narcs I know of are very weird and act really crazy, whether they are somatics or cerebrals. I cant believe there are people who think NPD isn’t a mental illness because these folks are truly BSC.

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      • Yeah, she would do that, with her dentures removed. We didn’t learn table manners, everyone ate with food all over their face when I was growing up.

        The last time I stayed in a women’s shelter, there was a woman there who did the same thing. It was triggering me so bad.

        It might be a mental illness, but apparently these people are in control, a mental illness is not in control. Like diabetes, a diabetic can’t just suddenly choose to one day not be a diabetic. I’ve seen my mother gauge her behaviour depending on the company in the room. Or she would even try to look away when she was tormenting me, not because she felt badly about it but because she didn’t want me to realize she was being a bitch, on purpose. She would turn her head but still have the narc eyes to take in the information. She would turn her head and gaslight to make me believe it wasn’t happening. Hope I explained it properly. This is my newest memory, I saw her do it all the time, and didn’t remember till recently.

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        • Ugh! That is such a nasty visual! Ew!
          You are right–they are in control, in a way. They control us like puppetmasters. But they are also deluded and have skewed value systems. I think they are morally insane. They do know what they are doing, but their thinking patterns that cause them to do what they do are really messed up.
          And those eyes! The way they look at you can really make you squirm. I think they know it too, and fix you with their gaze knowing it will have an intimidating or hypnotic effect to get you to do their bidding.

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      • Tell me you didn’t let that pig into your house! Some people can be pretty grody but still be cool. I’m thinking of Plague, the character in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, who was overweight and socially retarded. But he was a brilliant hacker so his deficits don’t matter to me. However, someone who never brushes his teeth and stinks? Uh! That’s too much. I wonder if some of these people you describe suffer from dementia. How old are they?

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  2. Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    more truths! And here’s one more… the live in their world and if you don’t live in it with them (no matter how bizarre it is, then there is hell to pay!

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  3. My narc can walk out the door looking a million dollars to present himself to the outside world… You would never guess that he is living in his own pig sty and pretty much lives on pizza and potato chips. Funnily enough although he treats his house and possessions like rubbish…. If you accidentally say damaged one little thing or put a mark on something he will go into a rage over it??? Truly bizarre.
    He has the most expressionless face and flat voice that only becomes animated if talking about himself. He has an at home look that looks like a permanent scowl… But if a visitor arrives he visually changes and becomes talkative and happy… The minute they leave he is back to scowling and silence. He said once he can relate to Dexter how he has no feeling but later when I reminded him of comment he denied saying it of course.

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    • The mask changes are very strange and sudden, aren’t they? Yes, they can give a good impression if they want to, but will show their true colors at home, where you are at their beck and call. I’m not surprised he said he can relate to Dexter; I’ve heard that from a lot of narcs, especially those who have psychopathic traits.

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