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Karma comes a-calling for my malignant narcissist ex.

Sometimes you can actually see what happens to a narcissistic abuser when they alienate everyone and have nothing left. My MN ex has effectively alienated not only his ex wife (me), but also both his children. He has no other … Continue reading

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The 7 things narcissists are most afraid of.

I was actually going to try to post funny search terms again, but alas, they were just not funny, so I nixed that idea.  However, I did find one that inspired me to write this post: what 6 things are … Continue reading

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Grumpy old men: narcissists in old age.

It’s been said narcissists grow worse with age. As they lose their looks and mental acuity and become less sexually desirable and more unemployable, they lose the ability to attract the supply they need to feel like they exist. Most … Continue reading

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Is NPD really a dissociative disorder?

I think there’s good reason to think NPD (and to some extent, BPD) is really a dissociative disorder. Think about it. There is a true self and a false self that are split from each other, much the way a … Continue reading

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The point of no return.

Last night Fivehundredpoundpeep disagreed with a post I wrote, saying that people who chose narcissism reach a point of no return when become thoroughly evil. She has religious reasons for this view (“reprobate” is a religious term that means the … Continue reading

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Narcissist parents demonize their own children.

Most parents like to tell cute and funny stories about when their children were young, or brag about their school accomplishments or tell sweet stories that show their child in a flattering or loving light. They are also proud of … Continue reading

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