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When your therapist rejects you.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I just read a post from a blogger who describes how her therapist suddenly terminated her without warning.  She writes, I spend pockets of time here and there throughout the days just wracking my…

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My stupid ego stands in the way of empathy.

There’s been something on my mind that’s been bothering me a lot, but I’ve hesitated posting about it because it makes me sound like a terrible person.  But I’ve always aimed to be honest on this blog, so I’m not … Continue reading

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This is what’s going on with me now.    Comments are disabled here; please leave comments under the original post.

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My fractured memory.

“Fractured Memory,” by Hanna Trussler, 2012 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my early years–childhood and adolescence. As many of you know, my parents were active alcoholics, narcissists (my dad more likely covert NPD or maybe Borderline), and … Continue reading

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Interpreting last week’s dream.

Last week I had a bad dream which I described in this post.   I typed it out when I was still half asleep because I knew it was important and didn’t want any of it to fade away.  I … Continue reading

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A very unpleasant dream.

I need to write this down where I’ll remember this later. I just woke up from a dream. I must remember this one so I can tell my therapist. Right now I’m still rising up from the fog of sleep … Continue reading

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The 7 things narcissists are most afraid of.

I was actually going to try to post funny search terms again, but alas, they were just not funny, so I nixed that idea.  However, I did find one that inspired me to write this post: what 6 things are … Continue reading

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What my fear of rejection makes me do

Time for a true confession. I’ve been focusing a bit less on narcissism because the topic itself is somewhat of a trigger for me right now. But I’ve recently decided to write openly about my BPD, which (along with Aspergers) … Continue reading

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