When your therapist rejects you.

No, my therapist hasn’t rejected me, but I think this is something that all of us in therapy sometimes worry about.

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I just read a post from a blogger who describes how her therapist suddenly terminated her without warning.  She writes,

I spend pockets of time here and there throughout the days just wracking my brain trying to figure out what went so wrong. I replay our conversations in my head and try to decipher what this meant or why she said that. I try to figure out what the fuck I did wrong.

It’s devastating and crazymaking.  Unfortunately, being suddenly rejected by a mental health professional seems to be pretty common.   People who have never been in therapy sometimes have trouble understanding how devastating this can be.  We become extremely attached to our therapists through a process known as transference, especially when the therapy is of the psychodynamic type (as opposed to behavioral/cognitive methods like CBT).  The therapist acts as a surrogate parent and for a therapist…

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4 thoughts on “When your therapist rejects you.

  1. You should be able to sue him. You invested money able time and then he tells you he can’t help you? If a contractor doesn’t finish a job, there’s payback.


    • This didn’t happen to me. But it’s something I wrote about a while ago because I worry about things like that. I suppose you could sue , just like you could sue a dr. for malpractice — except it might be harder to prove.


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