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I think Melania Trump is an abused woman.

I think Melania Trump is showing signs of PTSD.  Watch the way she flinches and looks uncomfortable when her husband passes her and touches her arm, before she starts to recite the Lord’s Prayer at the Trump rally in Florida … Continue reading

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When the Narcissist uses God Against You

Originally posted on Divorcing a Narcissist Blog:
Before I met the Narcissist I pretty much identified as Atheist. I grew up being somewhat forced into the Catholic religion because my mom was raised that way. I think she felt like…

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“An Open Letter to My Abusive Husband”

A very courageous woman named Samantha wrote this “open letter” to her abusive, narcissistic husband which appears on her blog The Narcissist’s Wife, which I recommend for anyone trying to divorce or leave a narcissist. Her “open letter” had me … Continue reading

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Godzilla and the gazelle.

The other day I was cleaning the home of one of my regular customers. I speak to this woman casually, but she loves to talk and always does the bulk of the talking while I mostly remain quiet and make … Continue reading

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The curse of the Aspergers/Avoidant/Borderline triad.

Today I attended a beautiful Pentecost mass that was held outdoors. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples. Unlike the disciples, I didn’t experience a sudden … Continue reading

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My son’s father turned from a loving dad into a monster.

My son at about 9 months. His dad doted on him then. Turning on a child who was initially loved and doted on is not unusual for malignant narcissist parents. If the child proves to be sensitive, highly intelligent, or … Continue reading

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The point of no return.

Last night Fivehundredpoundpeep disagreed with a post I wrote, saying that people who chose narcissism reach a point of no return when become thoroughly evil. She has religious reasons for this view (“reprobate” is a religious term that means the … Continue reading

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Lies my narcissists told me.

I was told many lies about myself while growing up within my my FOO (family of origin). I have no doubt this had everything to do with my developing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD), and lifelong severe … Continue reading

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A culture of abuse.

It looks like these are the “official” attitudes toward women by fundamentalist Muslim men in places like Afghanistan. I realize not all Muslims believe this, just the most fundamentalist sector. It’s like they live in the 14th century. It’s been … Continue reading

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“Constant Supply”: the narcissist’s wife

This is the name of another blog I just found. I haven’t read much on it yet, but it looks intriguing, so I’m adding it to my blogroll too. http://www.narcissistswife.com/

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