A culture of abuse.

It looks like these are the “official” attitudes toward women by fundamentalist Muslim men in places like Afghanistan.


I realize not all Muslims believe this, just the most fundamentalist sector. It’s like they live in the 14th century. It’s been speculated they ARE living in the 14th century–Islam is a young religion, compared to Christianity, which held similar attitudes toward women during the Middle Ages. I can’t even imagine survival in such a culture.

Even people who are not psychopathic can embrace such attitudes if they are led to believe a certain group of people aren’t really human. In fundamentalist Islam, women are thought of as objects, not human, which justifies the men’s abusive treatment of them.

Serial killers and abusers in general do not think of their victims as human. In war, soldiers can be brainwashed into thinking of the enemy–even women and children of the enemy–as something other than human, and that justifies killing them. It was attitudes like this that led so many Germans to embrace Hitler’s beliefs about the Jews and other targeted groups, such as homoesexuals and the mentally deficient.

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  1. One thing that I have always believed in is everyone’s right to express their own culture and religion. I try not to judge, based upon my own standards, the validity of other belief systems.

    However I am thankful I reside in America and not a Middle Eastern country.

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    • I believe this too, Vic, but whenever religion is used as an excuse to torture a group of human beings or denigrate them as inferior “chattel,” someone needs to step in. That being said, I don’t know if our involvement in these cultures and trying to force change is really benefitting anyone.

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      • “Someone needs to step in…”

        That is a very dangerous mindset. Because we do not believe that same way they do, does that gives us the right to enforce our ethics/morals on another culture?

        I am not saying that I respect their beliefs (I do not) but I do respect their right to believe how they see fit without Western influence.

        Unfortunately Western society/religion has many historical precedents for sticking its nose in the Middle East and enforcing the “right” belief system (i.e. Crusades).

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        • I really do hear what you’re saying, Vic and in principle I agree….but how do we help those being unfairly victimized and even killed for their gender? Do we just stand by and let that happen? Maybe we have to. But to do so without it bothering you, means you must suspend any feelings of empathy. I guess that’s really the only sensible thing to do–they aren’t going to change, and God knows, we have enough people suffering right here in our country. I don’t know–it’s just such a difficult moral dilemma. For the record, I don’t think waging war on these people is the way to go either.

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          • I am very empathetic to their plight but you said it yourself, what price are you willing to pay to stand by your moral convictions?

            Admittedly I am engaging in more of a philosophical debate, so there is no real right or wrong. Only a choice and accepting the responsibility of that choice.

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            • What we can do is pray for them. God does listen. I suppose to those women, they feel that it’s normal and maybe even feel comfortable that way, because they are used to it, the same way abused people begin to feel that the abuse they endure is normal and they deserve it.

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            • You make a very valid point, that culturally what we find to be distasteful they may stoically “accept” because it is all they know.

              Speaking personally, it is a shame that despite how much we have evolved we are still capable of such brutality.


  2. I have a tough time with this sort of thing. It makes me want to bury my head, only because it’s a huge trigger. Those ‘rules’ or whatever they are, are ridiculous and there is nothing to respect there. It’s about power and ‘keeping women in their so called place.’ It’s psychopathic is what those ‘things’ are.

    A couple of them are contradictory too. “Women are destined to hell.” And Women need to obey their husbands or they will go to hell.” Um… Like any god would write this stuff!


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