What a narcissistic parent sounds like.

I’m sure a lot of victims of narcissist parents will be able to relate to this graphic example of how a mother with obviously high spectrum NPD abuses, mocks, and scapegoats her daughter. Warning: these videos may be triggering.

In watching this, you can graphically see how a malignant narcissist operates, by exhausting the victim to the point that eventually the victim “loses it” (which the daughter here did not do) and then the narcissist can sit back and tell everyone how “crazy” or “irrational” the victim is. It’s an insidious kind of gaslighting.

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Here are two Youtube videos that graphically show exactly how a mother with a bad case of NPD (malignant narcissism) operates. These videos are entertaining in a scary and disturbing way, like watching a train wreck.

Pay close attention to what the mother says–she uses every trick in the narcissist’s book of tricks: blame, insults, changing the subject, interrupting, raging, mocking, “talking over”, gaslighting, projecting, invading boundaries, not taking responsibility, showing no empathy, and just about every other “tool” the narcissist uses to get their own way or avoid taking responsibility for their behavior and actions. Notice how childish the overall effect is–the mother sounds like a four year old having a temper tantrum.

The daughter who made the videos is trying hard to get her mother to listen, but her words seem to fall on deaf ears. She might as well be talking to a wall, for all the…

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  1. Linda Lee, here’s another one for you. I think this one might be even worse because of the obvious psychopathy and threats. 😮
    This guy, Ollie Matthews, makes a lot of videos about narcissism. He says his mother has a BPD dx but she’s as evil as the worst MN. Listen to how she manipulates, then rages. She sounds like she’s possessed!


  2. Well, I finally got back into wordpress. Secret: Don’t click on “generate strong password.” It will give you gibberish. The trick is just click on the button as if they liked your “weak” password.

    After losing my well thought-out comments twice, I a put them on Facebook. To comment briefly,

    This was as tedious as a toothache. I would avoid such a mother. I wouldn’t bother arguing with her. But I see the daughter made this recording to demonstrate how she is. Sorry you had to live through this Lauren.

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    • You liked your own comment lol! 😛
      I have a pretty weak password too. I don’t think anyone could guess it but WP told me it was weak. I don’t care.
      My mother was different than this but just as narcissistic. If you ever saw the mother in “Ordinary People,” that’s what my mom was like. I am no contact with her except we do exchange cards.

      Yes, I agree that video was tedious. She was like a 4 year old, repeating the same words and phrases over and over. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”…”.I’m done, done, done, done, done, I’m done, done, done.” I counted “You lost” 16 times! She sounds insane. I would have throttled her. The daughter was incredibly patient.

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  3. It’s a wonder children of narcs get out with their sanity. I couldn’t listen to the whole of any of these videos. Thankfully there is the ‘stop’ button. lol

    I’ve come across the two you embedded in the post in the past. I went to YT to read the comments as well. Turns out the girl who posted these has moved out awhile ago. Whew.

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  4. This was a trigger for me, but it was helpful and needed to hear how cruel my mother talked to me when I was younger and knew I tried my best, yet she would find something to find fault at and go on a rage. She would repeat herself, rant, bring up past errors I made, how much she does for Me, and most of all talk over me, blah, blah, blah. Unlike this girl though, I used to leave the room in the middle of her rant because it was of no use arguing, it would fire her up more. Now I recall why I preferred to stay after school to avoid entering hell at home.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    • I’m sorry it triggered you, it triggered me too. My mother was more underhanded and sneaky in her abuse than this woman though. She was the queen of the “left handed compliment” and gaslighting. Then would accuse me of “being too sensitive” or “having no sense of humor” if I objected.


      • Actually, it triggered me in a positive way. I forgot how my mother sounded and made me realize now how much I didn’t do wrong to deserve her treatment of me. The cruel letters she used to write (she said to ‘get things of her chest’) were just another way to hurt, but now I recall I really never spoke back and can’t remember doing any of those things back then that she accused me of.

        The mother talked about the son, that is the same words my mom would say about her ‘golden boy’, my brother, who could do no wrong.

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