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Narcissists and Sex.

I can’t believe I’ve never written a post before about narcissists and sex, but sex is one of the biggest ways they manipulate and control the rest of us. Many people mistakenly believe narcissists love sex. Actually, that isn’t true. … Continue reading

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Guest post #9: You are beautiful and loveable no matter what the narc says.

Mel (Hippo 256) writes a blog called The Enability Blog about living with a number of disabilities, including PTSD. I’ll just let Mel’s About Page speak for itself: Hi there, thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate you’re … Continue reading

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Knowing the Narcissist: a triggering blog for ACONs but could be useful.

I stumbled across a WordPress blog yesterday written by a self-professed Malignant Narcissist. The name of his blog is, simply enough, Knowing the Narcissist. Indeed, to read Malignarc’s entries is to know the mind of a high spectrum, unrepentant, sociopathic … Continue reading

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Do narcissists fall in love?

Narcissists can’t love but they can and do fall in love. All the time. What they feel is a state Dorothy Tennov has called “limerence,” more commonly known as infatuation or colloquially known as a crush. According to Wikipedia, Limerence … Continue reading

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The narcissistic lover’s playbook.

It looks like today is “Narcissistic Lovers and Spouses Day,” because this is the third article about that subject I’m posting today. But it occurred to me that narcissistic men (and probably women too, even though I have no personal … Continue reading

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You are just an object to a narcissist.

I saw this post in the NPD forum at Psychforums. The discussion was about narcissists who seem to care more about animals than people. “StupidPig,” a poster with NPD wrote an interesting post, which I think is a great explanation … Continue reading

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