Mr. Stingy.

An oldie but goodie about a complete tool and malignant narcissist I dated for a short time.

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I remember one of my narcissistic lovers. He was a textbook example of a malignant narcissist, and a mean one at that. Although he never became physically violent, I think he would have if I hadn’t ended that relationship.

One of the strangest things about him was the way he gave me gifts. The guy had plenty of money–he had a trust fund, for heaven’s sakes and owned his apartment free and clear, and he was always traveling. He never asked me to go with him though. Instead, he’d bring me back “gifts” from his road trips. I remember he’d make a big show out of presenting me with these gifts as if he was giving me the keys to a new car. They were never wrapped nicely, but always stuffed in a paper or plastic bag.

So what sort of gifts did this narcissistic trust fund jerk give me?…

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  1. I’ve enjoyed hearing the stories about horrible, narcissist boyfriends. I’ve had my share too. I know, they act like they’re giving you something great when it’s just a free sample because it came from them HA!

    I was on assistance and took N boyfriend to a steakhouse for dinner and he orders two entrees yet buys me a soda after I’ve already eaten at home while he enjoys a full course dinner out. I sat with him sipping a soda. With his back turned to me.

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