What If Conservatives Actually Followed The Teachings of Jesus?

There’s not much more I can add here that hasn’t already been said by this blogger. Most conservatives in America are following a god of greed and narcissistic values instead of the charitable and compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ, who himself would be one of the “47%” if he were walking on the earth today. He would be told to “go get a job” and accused of “socialism.” FWIW, why is capitalism better than socialism anyway? Unbridled capitalism has caused untold misery and is on the brink of turning America into a Third World nation. Socialism isn’t communism. America was more socialist until the 1980s when Reagan’s “trickle down economics” caught on like wildfire and has gotten completely out of control with its celebration of narcissism, greed, hatred and intolerance toward those who are not white, fundamentalist Christian, conservative, straight and male.

Apologies to any conservatives who are reading this–these are just my opinions. I know there are many good conservatives who believe the lies they are being told by our leaders, sometimes in the name of Christianity.

I’m proud to be the “L” word.

7 thoughts on “What If Conservatives Actually Followed The Teachings of Jesus?

  1. I’m an independent politically, but I’d like to throw into this discussion the question: “What if LIBERALS actually followed the teachings of Jesus?” As far as I can see neither side is following Jesus. I know people on both sides who love and follow Jesus wholehearedly. Both sides just have a different philosophy about how government should work, which has nothing to do with Jesus (although both sides adamently and wrongly assume they follow Jesus’ teachings BETTER. )Goverments can’t follow Jesus, only individuals can. Just my two cents…

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    • I don’t think either side follows Jesus Christ either. I am neither a Republican or Democrat.
      I see BOTH parties betraying the country. I’m with the people who say the politicians work for the global elites. [some say new world order, some say greedy 1% etc] and not us any longer. Many are in thrall to the forces of darkness. Yes I believe 9-11 was an “inside job”.


      I’ve told pastors before that George W. Bush was no born again Christian, as he took us to war in the Middle East. Obama is just as bad though with more wars and he signed the NDAA which was an advanced form of Bush’s Patriot Act.


      • I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion about 9/11 being an inside job, with its secret motive to get Bush higher approval ratings. Of course I can’t prove it, and most people probably think that’s a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but there were just so many things about 9/11 that seemed off or suspicious–one being that the Bush and Cheney families had been close with members of the Taliban and Reagan actually said about bin Laden (when he was in office) that bin Laden was a “fine example” of a determined young man or some such. I have to find that quote but it’s true. Also, Bush seemed weirdly unsurprised when he got the news and kept reading to the kids.
        Call me a tin foil hat wearer, but it wouldn’t surprised me if we found out it was an inside job.
        Obama isn’t much better. I don’t agree he’s the “malignant narcissist” he’s been accused of by so many, but he tries so hard to please everyone that he pleases no one. I don’t think his heart is in the wrong place, but I think he’s clueless and has no idea how to address the situations we are facing. He also panders way too much to the corporate interests and big money. He’s no different than any politician.
        Jimmy Carter was the only president I can think of in recent years who I don’t think was on the narcissist spectrum somewhere. But he was also considered ineffectual and uncharismatic and couldn’t get anything done during his time in office, and did not get a second term.

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  2. I agree there have been abuses on both sides and it’s certainly not my wish to divide-and-conquer using politics (neither of our parties is anythng to write home about). I also agree about only individuals (or small groups) can follow Jesus and that governments can’t because of their nature. Even though I disagree with the Jehovahs Witnesses on most of their doctrine, I do have to admit I rather like their doctrine of political uninvolvement. JW’s aren’t allowed to vote or get involved in politics in any way, due to its “worldliness.” (I know this because a deceased aunt of mine was a JW and tried to convert everyone in the family for decades, and failed). I do agree with this, actually.
    Most politicians, whether on the right or left, are narcissists anyway. I can’t think of a more narcissistic profession than politician.


    • The Bible actually warns that the Satan is the prince of this earth. Guess who most politicians are following and we see the results. All we have to do is look at the millions of deaths from wars in the 20th century to know who is floating the political/world power boat. I agree with the Jehovah Witnesses on that one too, though I definitely am not one and do not agree with their other teachings. I used to do local voting but sometimes the choices are so bad, I am rethinking voting at all. {no one I vote for ever wins}

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      • I only vote so I can complain when the person I voted for doesn’t win. If I don’t vote I feel like I don’t have the right to complain, otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother because my candidates always lose anyway.


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