Wow, this is getting real…


Back in late October, I made the decision to become Catholic. I’ve been attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) classes every Wednesday night since then.
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The mass where I’ll be initiated into the church will be at the Easter Vigil Mass on the evening of Saturday, April 4th. I’m the only Anglo candidate this year (the others are Hispanic and attend the Spanish speaking masses). This part of the country isn’t exactly swarming with people wanting to become Catholic!

I’ll be receiving all the sacraments (communion and confirmation) at that time (Confession must be done prior to that). My Methodist baptism is recognized as valid, which surprised me. I have to find the certificate though, which I know I do have, so no having to contact my parents about it. Whew!

I met with the priest tonight to discuss what else I need to do to get ready. There are a few special masses I need to attend, and I also will be meeting with the Bishop in a few weeks. Time has really flown–it’s going to happen in exactly two months! Two months ago was December, and that seems just like yesterday. Things are getting real.

I feel like this is going to be a life changing event for me. I know about all the problems people have with the Catholic church, and some of those arguments are valid. But I feel like this is the direction that’s right for me and that God is leading me to. My other blog posts will explain why.

In fact, the other day I was talking to an old friend on Facebook and he told me he became Catholic last year and it’s the best decision he ever made. I was encouraged by that because it’s all a little scary!

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    • Thank you. I attended Catholic schools and went to a lot of Catholic masses and all my neighbors when I was growing up were Catholic (or Jewish)–I’m originally from northern New Jersey– so I feel right at home! Most people around this part of the country (western NC) are Baptists or other Christian fundamentalists–I tried those churches but they weren’t for me.
      I guess it’s kind of a cultural thing for me. My parents weren’t churchgoers so we never really went to church. I do love all the ritual and the liturgy. I love the formality of all that.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that someone could become Catholic if not born into it. I am aware of the problem people have with the Catholic Church, but I still do love it. I was one all my life but I left it. It wasn’t the path for me. The rules were too strict for me, as I didn’t marry Catholic men. I couldn’t find one. I did try though. I will always consider it my father faith, and has probably saved me through my childhood and made me closer to God.

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  2. As a cradle Catholic, I always find it inspiring when adults choose to become Catholic. I love the church, enough to stay and work for needed changes, because of the profound way in which it teaches us to love and serve God and all of creation.

    If you can’t find your baptismal certificate, you can contact the church where it took place and they can send you a copy. You don’t need to ask your parents about it. Yes, Christian baptism in any denomination is recognized by the Catholic church. Yay! I’m hoping one day the churches will recognize communion sharing, too.


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