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Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today, I am thankful for my friends, my family, good food, animals, nature, music, laughter, God’s grace, WordPress, and last but not least, Robert Mueller! I’m also thankful I still live in a country where freedom of … Continue reading

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Angels among us.

God sometimes comes through in small, unexpected ways when we appeal to him for help.  I think he appoints certain people to serve as angels right here on earth.    A dear friend of mine, active for a long time … Continue reading

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Going with the flow.

I wanted to get up early and walk on the beach at sunrise, but I guess I was so exhausted from my long drive yesterday and busy evening (also stayed up late blogging about it and chatting with my son) … Continue reading

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Envy is my worst character trait.

Envy, by Marta Dahlig, Deviantart I’m about to write a painful, bitter post. It’s about something brings me a great deal of shame, so much shame I hesitated writing about it at all. It’s about what’s probably my very worst … Continue reading

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I never used to be able to relate to “positive thinking” statements.  They seemed trite and shallow, as if they were made up for other people–people with normal lives, normal families, normal incomes, good jobs, who didn’t suffer from mental … Continue reading

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My online friends.

While I wouldn’t wish narcissistic abuse from either families of origin or ex-lovers or spouses on anyone,  I’m grateful there are others besides me who have experienced it and that we have found each other.   If it weren’t for the … Continue reading

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A close call.

My son took this photo while waiting for the tow truck. Look at the wheel. Earlier today, my son called me. He told me that while crawling along in slow moving traffic, his car suddenly wouldn’t steer properly. He heard … Continue reading

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Start the New Year with a (genuine) smile.

I’ve always railed against the fake kind of happiness whose intent is to diminish, belittle, and avoid responsibility or compassion, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little authentic positivity. When you really think about it, there are always things … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2015 (with pictures!)

Mr. Biggles and his Thanksgiving greeting. I look back on last Thanksgiving and realize now how weird and sad it was. My daughter was in jail for 30 days for DUI (she has improved IMMENSELY since that experience)–I don’t recommend … Continue reading

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Can a malignant narcissist ever become self aware?

Frankly, I don’t think so, and that’s what makes them malignant. I think there’s a point at which a narcissist can’t ever turn back and that’s the point at which they can’t see their own narcissism or what they do … Continue reading

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