My envy

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I have a trait I’m ashamed of, and I’ve been struggling with it my entire life: envy.

It’s been getting a lot better since I went No Contact and started blogging. I’m generally less envious than I used to be, but today it reared its ugly head again.

What distinguishes my envy from narcissistic envy though, is the fact I have never, no matter how much I envied someone, wanted to take away what they had or ruin it for them. Sometimes (not often enough, but sometimes) envy has a plus side: it sometimes inspires us to want to improve our own lot.

When I’m envious, I brood about it and feel resentful that I don’t have the same.

I clean houses part time (this is actually not an awful job) and some of the houses belong to very wealthy people. There’s one family whose house I clean every two weeks–it’s a damned McMansion–who seem to have everything and then some. I had to clean their house today.

The wife, Wendy, is actually very sweet, and always gives generous tips. She’s probably in her 40s and very attractive, with a perfect body and always dresssed in new designer outfits. Her husband is some kind of high level executive and obviously earns a high income. They have three very attractive daughters, one who is going to be going away to college soon. The other two are 16 and 8. This family can pay for their daughters to go to the best schools. Wendy takes lessons in Tai Kwando, and the daughters all get music and dance lessons. They are all involved in sports. Wendy drives a late model SUV and this is just one of their three cars. They go on vacations several times a year. Their Christmas tree was 12 feet tall and scattered all over the house, in every room, are photos of the three girls at different ages, on vacation, or at some sporting event, at a party, or dressed in Christmas dresses and seated under their huge tree. Wendy seems very maternal and nurturing from everything I can see.

Grrrrr. (These aren’t Wendy’s daughters, but this picture looks like them and that looks like the type of house they live in).

I’m extremely envious of Wendy and her family. I compare myself to her, and of course I come up far shorter in just about every area: I’m not married anymore; I struggle to support myself, my daughter and my pets (I’m what most people would consider poor); my son is gay (which is not a problem for me at all but probably means he won’t ever have children); and my daughter is disordered (probably BPD) and shows no interest in getting a higher education although she is very intelligent. I drive a 13 year old car which is in need of repairs. I don’t get to take vacations or even getaway weekends. I’m attractive but Wendy is much more so. I am not athletic or particularly musical. I can’t dance. I’m uncoordinated.

I would never do anything to try to make Wendy’s life miserable though. I like her as a person. The envy I feel may not even be true envy. It’s almost an admiring, slightly awestruck feeling, that someone can be as fortunate as Wendy and her family. I marvel at how lives can turn out so vastly different.

The funny thing is, I probably would dislike living Wendy’s sort of life. It’s way too conventional for me and I can’t stand their house, which is too big, too cold, and it’s a f*cking McMansion and I would rather live in a cabin in the woods.

Of course I don’t know what may be going on behind closed doors. Wendy does seem a bit like the codependent type, and there’s a slightly sad look in her eyes. I wonder about that. Her husband doesn’t seem to be home a lot because he travels so much. In the family photos that include him, he looks a little reptilian. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a narc and Wendy might be being abused in some way. But I prefer my envy and imagine they have the perfect marriage and the family is functional and happy all the time. I like to think of them as the family I wanted to be raised in and the family I wanted to have.

Sometimes I remind myself of Robin Williams’ character in the 2002 psychological thriller “One Hour Photo.” Sy (played by Williams) is a pathetic, lonely photo-developing technician with no life to speak of who experiences pathological envy over a family whose photos he develops. His envy eventually turns into a dangerous obsession. It’s an interesting psychological profile of a man who is probably a “needy narcissist.” It’s a very creepy movie, and is definitely worth watching for anyone interested in the way a psychopath thinks. Of course Williams’ acting is superb.

Here’s the trailer for “One Hour Photo.”

10 thoughts on “My envy

  1. Creepy movie, but I saw it for the Robin factor. 🙂
    I know what you mean about your envy. I used to pet sit and many of those clients were wealthy. In fact I live in a rather affluent area. I experience what I think you’re saying too. I have no interest in taking anything away from anyone but would like to have a similar life.

    Thing is I have become increasingly disinterested in a significant other relationship…just would like the financial independence.

    If you’re picking up on things like the reptilian look and sadness in the woman’s eyes, I wouldn’t completely disregard that. The grass is usually greener ONLY in our own minds.

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    • Exactly. I’m only seeing what’s on the surface, I have no idea how these people actually feel or if theyre happy. Oh, the reptilian look is in her husband’s eyes. She seems like she might be codependent.

      I too have become increasingly less interested in a SO relationship. It would be nice if it ever happens, but if not, I’m perfectly okay with that. I never would have believed I could be happy being alone.


    • Oh, and I agree Robin Williams is amazing. I was so sad when he passed away and especially the fact he killed himself.
      It just goes to show that someone can have EVERYTHING and still be so unhappy inside.


  2. Luckyotter, I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed what you showed about this seemingly perfect life and your reaction to it. I think you’re right, that it’s almost a feeling of awe that this kind of life exists. You noticed the sadness in Wendy’s eyes, but unless she shares with you it’s hard to know the reason. May the Lord bless you hugely!

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  3. Yeah, One Hour Photo was creepy.  Literal blood shooting out of the eyes.

    I’m severely poor myself, so if anything, I’d be kind of envious of your life. 😉

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