“Seven Deadly Sins” by Deviantart’s Marta Dahlig

I used three of these beautiful paintings in my article “My Inner Narcissist.” Marta Dahlig, an artist from Poland, is an incredibly talented painter. Here is her page on Deviantart where you can see more of her work, but here I’m just going to post her haunting and perfectly executed interpretations of all seven “deadly sins.” I just love these!

wrath avarice
gluttony lust
sloth pride

5 thoughts on ““Seven Deadly Sins” by Deviantart’s Marta Dahlig

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    I just love Marta Dahlig’s beautiful and haunting “Seven Deadly Sins” series of paintings, so here they are again.
    My worst “sins” are Envy, Sloth, and Vanity (Pride). Envy and Sloth are tied for #1.


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