Angels among us.


God sometimes comes through in small, unexpected ways when we appeal to him for help.  I think he appoints certain people to serve as angels right here on earth.    A dear friend of mine, active for a long time on this blog, empathized with my problems coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and offered to purchase me a light therapy lamp, knowing I could not afford one. (They aren’t cheap).   I burst into tears of gratitude when she told me she was buying me one.  She didn’t want me to pay her back either.

Yesterday I got my package from Amazon.  At first I couldn’t imagine why I was getting a package, since I haven’t ordered anything recently.  I had forgotten about the light therapy lamp.   But then I remembered, and excitedly opened the package.

It’s a handsome streamlined model, portable, perfect for propping up next to me while I write on my blog.  It also makes a terrific reading light.

There really are angels among us.   You just never know how God will come through.   I’m also taking Melatonin (which regulates the sleep cycle) and St. Johns Wart (a natural herbal antidepressant).  Two new front tires on my car so I don’t have to worry about sliding all over the roads when the ice and snow starts, and I’m good to go.

I’ll let you all know how this regimen works on my SAD.

Here are two photos of my new light (closed and open).

light_therapy1 light_therapy2


11 thoughts on “Angels among us.

  1. I am so happy your Angel sent you a light therapy lamp, I am hoping it will help your SAD. And I am so glad you will be safer on the road with new tires. You are so deserving of the good things happening for you..

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  2. The wonderful thing is that your writing makes you an angel for someone else too! I’m finding that as we offer sustenance to others by being authentic that healing balm of our shared experience heals us too. We find our true selves, what we were intended for when we comfort the afflicted with a comfort we learned from being afflicted ourselves. I see that magic here in this little healing community of support. Angels!

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  3. I’d like to get one of those for my husband, who also suffers from SAD. Many years ago I suspected he was vitamin D deficient in winter, mostly because almost everyone who lives in a cold climate suffers from D deficiency when it’s cold outside. We don’t have much skin exposed to the sunlight and so our bodies’ production of vitamin D plummets. I made him start taking vitamin D capsules every day, and that helped a lot. But if that light thingy works, it would be worth it to invest in one.

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      • I tried melatonin years ago and it seemed to make me depressed. But maybe that’s because I was living in Maine at the time and the winters were terribly cold and dark. Hmm, maybe the problem was the miserable marriage I was in.

        I hope the light works for you. If I get depressed again this winter, I may get one. You are an angel to share so generously on this blog. I’m sure that’s why God put it on someone’s heart to get that lamp for you.

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