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12 reasons why our political situation isn’t as hopeless as you think.

It’s an uphill battle trying to remain upbeat and positive when your country is being decimated by a group of amoral thugs who seem to have limitless power and money to do whatever they want, especially when no one seems … Continue reading

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Trump *is* making America great again — but not in the ways he wants.

I *really* needed this today.  This viral Facebook post lifted me right out of my depressed, despondent mood over the direction America is going. ***** A new forward going around: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks like … Continue reading

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Start the New Year with a (genuine) smile.

I’ve always railed against the fake kind of happiness whose intent is to diminish, belittle, and avoid responsibility or compassion, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little authentic positivity. When you really think about it, there are always things … Continue reading

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To everything there is a season…

There seem to be three different kinds of people in the world. Those who are fake-positive, always wearing a plastered on smile and never admitting to failure or to their true emotions; those who walk around wearing their misery like … Continue reading

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What really matters.

Life isn’t about what you do or who you are. Life is about those moments that just make you say “Wow. I did that.” –“Mex Nyman”

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I feel good today.

No matter how bad things may seen, it’s not forever. I came home yesterday from an exhausting day at work and all I did was reply to some comments. I didn’t even write a post last night–THE HORROR!). After writing … Continue reading

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Who needs drama?

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