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Emotions and authenticity.

Emotions are the first language we ever speak. Their expression is a pre-verbal language that is gradually replaced with words as we grow out of infancy. All emotions are really just energy moving through the body (though I think they … Continue reading

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Portrait of a non-disordered HSP.

It’s a sad fact that many HSPs (highly sensitive persons) develop personality disorders and elaborate defense mechanisms like NPD or BPD just to cope with the world because they feel like they have no normal defenses against being hurt or … Continue reading

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Take a course in “The Power of Vulnerability” taught by Brene Brown

Watch a video, find out more, and sign up here: The online course is $29.00 Course Description Show Up and Let Yourself be Seen Is vulnerability the same as weakness? “In our culture,” teaches Dr. Brené Brown, “we associate … Continue reading

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To everything there is a season…

There seem to be three different kinds of people in the world. Those who are fake-positive, always wearing a plastered on smile and never admitting to failure or to their true emotions; those who walk around wearing their misery like … Continue reading

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“The Power of Vulnerability” with Brene Brown

A friend of mine sent me this video, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear today. I found myself tearing up as I listened to Dr. Brown speak, because she speaks the truth. “At the core of vulnerability is … Continue reading

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I am not your dream.

From the Facebook page Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse.

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The real reason highly sensitive people get bullied.

I had an “Aha” moment today. The reason highly sensitive people get bullied so often isn’t because of our sensitivity. It’s because of the dismally low self esteem that tends to go along with being that sensitive, especially if we … Continue reading

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