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I was thinking about how strange it is that I’m not afraid to reveal my innermost feelings to total strangers I have never met, but it’s so hard to share those same feelings with the people who are closest to … Continue reading

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Emotional blockages.

I think my challenges in really feeling my emotions are due to blockages of energy within my body. I discovered this simply by focusing on how my body felt in my therapy sessions or when I feel an emotion bubbling … Continue reading

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Letting go of fear.

Sometimes I have funny thoughts when I’m just lying on my bed half asleep. It’s at those times my subconscious mind sometimes bubbles into consciousness (which makes the half asleep state similar to meditation). Anyway, the thought I had was … Continue reading

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“Why I Am Teaching My Son That Tears Take Courage”

Here’s a wonderful article from The Good Men Project about a mother who is encouraging her young son to express his emotions instead of stuffing them. If only more parents encouraged this sort of thing, we’d live in a world … Continue reading

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“Fragile Heart”

A friend sent me this video. Have the tissues ready. 😥 Lyrics: There’s no place for a sensitive soul In a space where your ego freely roams And you’re a little bit narcissistic And I’m a little too understanding, sadly … Continue reading

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Portrait of a non-disordered HSP.

It’s a sad fact that many HSPs (highly sensitive persons) develop personality disorders and elaborate defense mechanisms like NPD or BPD just to cope with the world because they feel like they have no normal defenses against being hurt or … Continue reading

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Fear breeds narcissism; the antidote is vulnerability.

I think this article applies to anyone trying to heal from any personality disorder, PTSD, or the fallout of narcissistic abuse, so I’m posting it here too.

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On freaking out.

I shouldn’t freak out so much whenever I post something I’m embarrassed by or ashamed of or that is very personal. I always forget how good running naked in public can feel. The outcome is never bad, and always leads … Continue reading

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Take a course in “The Power of Vulnerability” taught by Brene Brown

Watch a video, find out more, and sign up here: The online course is $29.00 Course Description Show Up and Let Yourself be Seen Is vulnerability the same as weakness? “In our culture,” teaches Dr. Brené Brown, “we associate … Continue reading

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Why men don’t cry anymore.

Men are allowed to cry openly when their team wins, and that’s about it. There’s a lot of information out there about how crying is good for you, but this article from The Daily Mail (UK) is interesting because it … Continue reading

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